End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

As a landlord, you’re entitled to withhold part or all of a security deposit if tenants fail to return your property to its original condition when they leave. Here are a few things landlords should let their tenants know if they want to avoid disputes.

• Rugs and carpets will be the first to become really dirty, so they will need to be the first to be cleaned, especially if they were part of the deal. Carpeting that takes up an entire room will likely have higher traffic areas that need more thorough cleaning as time goes by, so you would do well to look for a carpet cleaning company to cover them for you, refreshing the floors and keeping them looking good.

• When it comes down to the kitchen, tenants will need to focus on the oven, stove and fridge to ensure things will be spotless and clean. Make sure you disinfect and wipe down all your surfaces around the kitchen, including the ledges, skirting, floors, windows, wall tiles and everything else that needs work. They will also need to ensure the sink is clean and all signs of limescale are removed.

• If the home is fully furnished, then the drawers, shelves and cupboards will need to be cleaned out of all personal possessions before the move.

• Tenants will likely miss some places where dust and dirt gather, such as extractor fans, washing machine powder drawers, rubbish bins and the like as well as harder to reach locations that have simply been ignored. They will all need attention once they no longer live there and the property can return on the market.

• Assuming the bed has been a part of the deal, the mattress will likely need to be cleaned before the new tenants can move in. Turning it around is the first step, followed by vacuuming it clean. The window ledges will also need attention, as well as the blinds of the bedroom and its decorations.

• All windows will need to be cleaned as well, both outside and inside. You can use whatever glass cleaning product works best, as long as they are completely done before the next tenants arrive.

• Some properties include plantation style shutters and it is very important to try and keep these clean. To make sure your shutters are thoroughly cleaned start by closing them completely. Give a gentle sweep back and forth over the slats and surrounding frame with the feather duster.