Comparing the height and cost of The Shard to St. Paul’s Cathedral

London has been at the centre of the world’s attention this summer, basking in the combined glory of the Olympic Games, the Queen’s Jubilee and the resulting worldwide press and revenue generated by those events. Despite the country being in recession since 2008, the financial centre of London continues to impress with its new addiction to very tall buildings. The biggest celebrity on the London skyline right now is undoubtedly the Shard building. Completed in March of 2012 and opening with a grand lazer light show, the Renzo Piano-designed skyscraper pierces the sky as dramatically as its name suggests. It stands 310 metres tall and cost £500m to build. It’s been compared to Dubai’s megalithic Burj Khalifa. This infographic has been made to compare the Shard with the cost of London’s other superstar architectural marvels. Are you as surprised as we were that St. Paul’s Cathedral cost £450m (that’s just £50m less than the Shard) to build in 1708?

Infographic by pay day bank

Infographic showing the relative costs of famous London buildings