Contemporary Bathroom Design: Elegance is Always in Vogue

Nowadays, having a room that’s only functional, or only aesthetically pleasing is not enough; nowadays, it’s all about merging the two into a unified whole. Basically, a contemporary interior design is where it’s at in the modern world, as it combines the best of both worlds, turning your home into an elegant and functional personal oasis. This design works perfectly in any room of the house – bathroom included, so if you wish to find out more about how you can implement it in your bathroom, please read on.

You can’t go wrong with custom cabinets

Cabinets in the bathroom serve so many purposes – from storing all the items and toiletries you don’t want on display to working as amazing decor pieces that emphasize your personal taste. Now, while there are definitely plenty of pre-made options out there, deciding to go with custom made cabinets is always a better option. This way, not only will you be in control of the size of your cabinets, but you can also go with any look you please. However, keep in mind that a sleek, elegant design will always be in vogue.

contemporary bathroom exampleThe right wall and floor treatments

These days, you’ll hear a lot about alternative bathroom wall and floor treatment options, such as vinyl wallpaper or wooden floors. However, tiles have been the most popular option in bathrooms for so long for a good reason – they simply are the best waterproof, easy to clean solution for covering these surfaces and they are so versatile in terms of finish, colour and design that they offer almost endless possibilities. Therefore, forget all about current hypes and go with a tried and tested solution that actually works.

Show your shower some love

Regardless of the size of your bathroom and whether you have a shower or a bathtub you need to make sure that this part of your bathroom is functional, beautiful and awe-inspiring. A lot of people tend to forget that a simple shower curtain is not the only option they have. So, to avoid making the same mistake, check out contemporary showers by Acqua Bathrooms to see all the available possibilities and get inspired to create a truly unique, spa-like feel in your bathroom.

Add accents for a striking focal point

Adding that “little something” to your bathroom that will instantly elevate its style and tie the entire room together is what a contemporary bathroom design is all about. So, just like you would create a focal point in your living room and kitchen, you should do the same in your bathroom. Usually, this function belongs to the bathtub or the shower, but you can also implement a stunning vanity or a beautiful oversized mirror and make them serve the same purpose. Either way, make sure that the piece you choose to be the focal point of your bathroom is truly the most eye-catching feature in it.

Add some plants

If you think that a bathroom is no place for a plant, you’re dead wrong. Just like any other room, your bathroom will instantly look ten times more luxurious if you add just a few potted plants here and there. However, make sure you choose the right type of plant that can thrive in warm and damp conditions.

So, if you’re thinking about remodelling your bathroom, keep these tips in mind if you too want to create a beautiful and functional personal oasis. Remember that elegance is not likely to go out of style any time soon, so instead of trying to follow current trends and hypes, choose the elegant and sleek options instead.