Creating a bedroom that’s inspired by boutique hotels

For many of us, our bedrooms are our very own personal sanctuaries, a space where we can shut away from the world for a moment or two and a place that’s been designed specifically with rest and relaxation in mind. Whilst it’s true when they say, “there’s no place like home”, ever traveller will know that unmistakable feeling of stepping into a well-designed and oozing luxury hotel room. There’s nothing quite like surveying a plush bed, complete with overstuffed pillows, a lightly fragranced ambience and those all-important final touches after a long day. If this feeling is familiar, but you wish you could experience it a little more often, consider designing a bedroom at home that’s inspired by those super chic boutique hotels you’ve experienced over the years. Here we discuss how to get the look, whatever your budget.

boutique bedrooms

Choose a dark paint for the walls

Don’t be afraid of the dark, by painting your walls an inky shade of grey, green or even black, you immediately add drama to the space. Darker colours exude luxury and create an indulgent atmosphere, something mirrored by many boutique hotels. Off-set the bold tones with white accessories and pops of colour to create a multi-layered space.

hotel style bedroomAdd additional Furniture

Though the bed is the focal point of the room, most luxury hotels also fill the space with additional pieces of furniture, such as a chair, bedside or dressing table. If space allows, add a plush chair to the room to create a cosy cove. Alternatively, if you’re short on space, consider adding a stylish vase to the window space or utilise the light fittings to add character to the room.

hotel bedroomInvest in quality furnishings

In almost all boutique hotels, the bed and in many cases the headboard is the focal point of the bedroom. Because of this, not only should the bed act as a statement piece, it should compliment all of the surrounding furniture. To emulate the luxury feel and as comfort is paramount, invest in the largest bed that the room can handle and slot in your accessories around this.

hotel style curtains

Layer window treatments

In a space where quality sleep and rest equate to a positive experience, controlling the lighting within the room is extremely important. By layering window treatments, you’re able to cover all basis, from a sheer curtain to protect modesty to a more heavy-duty blackout curtain to provide a space that’s dark enough for sleep. For the ultimate in hotel chic, consider investing in some of the many pencil pleat curtains for sale to create a classic interior style.

dress the bedDress the Bed

There’s nothing quite like a hotel-dressed bed. With everything from throws, under-sheets, pillows and scatter cushions to content with, a hotel turn-down service is unrivalled when it comes to the luxury stakes. Layer up a variety of textures and invest in feather or down pillows to create a luxurious and indulgent resting spot.


Author – Ellie Mack