Current trends in dining room furniture – modern styling and low maintenance

Is your dining room screaming for a makeover? Does your space look outdated and boring? Well then maybe it’s time to change the furniture. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to redecorate a space without spending a fortune on quality pieces. There are lots of ingenious ideas you can consider to revamp the dining area and make it look more stylish and modern than ever before. Here are some current trends you might want to check out.

Furniture that brightens up the space

Current trends in dining room furnitureBelieve it or not, some furniture items are meant to brighten up your space and make a room look livelier than ever before. All you need to do is invest in proper furniture. A glass dining table for example, is a key piece in any eating space. It should complement the overall décor of the room and somehow blend in with the rest of the accessories. Glass welcomes natural light; it adds more fluidity and freshness into a space, and it instantly transforms a boring décor into an innovative and fun environment. If your dining area has a more urban appeal, then you might want to invest in a table with metal accents. The overall effect will instantly draw the attention of your guests.

Rustic designs

Whenever we think of the rustic design trend we immediately envision wooden tables, bulky chairs, and vintage-like accessories. That’s not the case anymore. Today’s rustic design accents go really well in minimalistic homes too. Revamp your modern all-white dining area by including a rustic dining table with metallic accents in the décor. It will completely change the general allure of your private space, and thus supper time will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

A blend of different styles

Today’s dining room furniture pieces don’t match perfectly anymore. There’s no need to invest in a dining table that comes with similar chairs. In fact, this season is all about mixing different furniture styles, finishes and fabrics. Give your space a more original vibe and decorate it after your own sense of style. A relaxed room can be made of a lower than usual dining table manufactured from hardwood and glass-like chairs. The blend between a warm material (wood) and a colder one (glass) will create a soothing balance. It will give your space a laidback appeal and a relaxed feel.

Benches replace average dining chairs

modern styling and low maintenanceAnother great trend this year focuses entirely on dining chairs. A rectangle table for example, can easily have complementing benches on the sides rather than chairs. Benches look a lot less formal; they will give your dining area a more traditional, conventional appeal. Communal seating is starting to make a huge impact in today’s modern décor. Benches are an incredibly convenient approach in a dining room; they add more intimacy but without interfering with the seating capacity.

Super-size accessories

Another cool trend in dining room décor is centered entirely on oversized accessories and furniture pieces. Opulent artwork, tall flower vases, super-size tables are all excellent ideas you can use to revamp your dining area. Add a playful touch to the room with painted murals and transform it into the most interesting room of the house. Oversized items make a statement and your guests will surely be impressed by your original sense of style.

Minimalistic styling and bright color accents

The minimalistic design approach is fascinating. When decorating your dining area, consider purchasing furniture in unusual styles, shapes and hues. Simplistic but effective items are the best because then it will be easy for you to decorate. White designer dining tables with white chairs can become a focal point with proper decorations. Place a glass vase in the middle and fill it with deep yellow seasonal flowers. It will catch your eye the moment you walk into the room. Make sure the table linen is also white. A monochrome dining area with a splash of color can make the biggest impact.

There are many ideas you can use to make your living area pop. Invest in quality, simple furniture and decorate your space with the coolest accessories. Keep things fresh and clean, and your dining room will look better than ever.

Images credit: jinkazamah, gramophonemaryland