Cutting Landlord Electricity Supply Costs with LEDs


Lighting up communal spaces in rented properties is always an ongoing cost and concern to landlords but, with the use of modern technology and installation of LED lighting it is possible to make significant reductions to the monthly cost of landlord electricity supplies. Below we discuss what LED light bulbs and LED light fixtures might best suit a landlords needs.

2d LED Lights

lighting is one of the most commonly used and installed forms of light fixtures found on the external walls, ceiling and floors of rented properties and blocks of flats. LED 2d lamps represent a potential 90% saving when compared to traditional 2d light fittings and so boast significant cost savings to landlords. Once installed LED 2d lights can start to save landlord money on their electricity supply, these lamps also produce a high level of light output and can be fitted with PIR sensors to save landlords even more money when illumination is not needed.

LED Flood & Security Lighting

Security and floodlights are often found in car parks and within the grounds of many rented properties. Replacement LED floodlights can be supplied with a PIR sensor as well as used on timer switches and so give landlords an opportunity to save more money on the cost of lighting up the external areas of their properties. Often placed high-up or in inaccessible locations, LED security lights last upto 50,000 hours and so any maintenance costs and replacement costs of LED flood and security light variants are substantially reduced over the life of the lamps.

LED Panel Lighting

LED panel lights are a versatile light fixture which are mostly found in corridors, entrance halls and communal areas in commercial and business properties, 600x600mm and 1200x300mm panel lights can also be found in many other buildings as they provide a large amount of light and can be sunken into suspended ceilings with the use of panel light suspension kits. LED panel lights are a great way for landlords and businesses to save on the cost electricity as they boast massive amounts of lumens from a low wattage where the most common form of LED panel light installed today is a 40w LED variation which replaces a traditional 400w panel.

LED Spotlight Bulbs

LED spotlight bulbs are one of the most installed forms of lighting in UK homes and flats. Used in everything from kitchens to bathrooms due to the fire proof and water proof nature of spotlight fittings, LED spotlights come in either GU10, MR16 and MR11 form, they can also be found in E14 and E27 form depending on the light fitting. Replacing old, halogen spotlights with LEDs is very common in the UK as the savings from replacing multiple spotlights can be substantial. For example a kitchen with 10-15 halogen spotlights can use upwards of 500 watts yet like for like LED replacement spotlights use only a fraction of this power at circa 50watts for the full installation.

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