Five ways to declutter your apartment

When it comes to apartments, clutter pretty much comes with the territory. It creeps into every nook it can find, and can be tricky to stop in its tracks.

With a limited amount of space, an abundance of ‘things’ can quickly become chaotic in smaller homes, making it difficult to create order around you. However, there are some simple techniques that will allow you to declutter your apartment quickly, and without having to ditch any of your beloved belongings!


Store more in little spaces

Storage will be your number one accomplice in tackling clutter. Finding clever ways to store your belongings is a simple way to utilise space and the furniture you already have.

Firstly, scan your rooms for opportunities – from the top of wardrobes and underused cupboards, to under the bed or bathroom sink. Using vintage suitcases, wicker baskets and quirky boxes is a great way to store items neatly, which can then be placed tactically in these areas.



Store more in furniture

Is your furniture pulling its weight? Lots of furniture pieces are adorned for their aesthetic appeal, but don’t always serve a purpose. In an apartment, it’s best to opt for must-have items that suit your daily routine and also help you to make best use of space. So, think about the pieces you absolutely need, and how they can double up in some way.

There are lots of options when it comes to more functional furniture, many of which offer storage. And this doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on design. Think beautiful coffee tables which have hidden cupboards within, or a unique dresser which doubles up as a desk and cupboard space.


Hide the big stuff

While thinking about the furniture you have and need, there are some items that dominate your living space, but you simply couldn’t live without them. One of which is your bed, which can often be cumbersome and unsightly in an apartment. Therefore, it might be time to flip it on its head. Literally:

To really maximise your living space, you can opt for a foldaway wall bed, which will give you buckets more space and has the ability to transform your apartment. Head over to the experts at Hideaway beds to see how this option could free up more space for a studio during the day or perhaps provide a solution for guests staying overnight.


Hang it up

Naturally you won’t want to fill your walls too much, as this just moves the clutter from one space to another. However, hanging things like clothing, footwear and bags can free up a lot of floor space, and, if done well, can be stylish too.

Hanging shoe organisers and laundry hampers on the back of doors will keep things out of sight; and for more pretty items, like scarves and bags, hanging hooks next to the front door will look good and also provide practicality as you’re heading in and out.

Also, the most underutilised area of your apartment will be the ceiling, making it prime space for use. Hanging plants from the ceiling means you can create a beautiful oasis without tripping over the greenery, and hanging decorate pieces, like dreamcatchers, art and picture frames, allows you to style your apartment without compromising on space.


Heighten your shelves

It goes without saying that shelves allow you to place more of your things out of the way. Books, speakers, ornaments, lamps, or even the tv: anything goes. But, did you know that shelving can actually add the illusion of more space? Placing shelves around the border of a room, around 30cm from the ceiling, draws the eye upwards, giving the perception of greater height in your apartment. This is a fantastic way to store items that you don’t need to get your hands on frequently.

Shelves can be a thing of beauty too. Rather than opting for a plain series on the back wall, you can bring your shelving arrangement to life by simply choosing unusual materials – like driftwood, palettes, or scaffolding, which can be used to contribute to the overall theme of your home.

In your quest to declutter your apartment, just remember: you don’t have to resort to a more minimalist lifestyle. Instead, get creative with the things you already have and need in your home.