Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Bath And Give It A Luxurious Feel

Along with your bedroom, another place you should never take for granted is your bathroom. It is the place where you should feel the most at ease while enjoying its unique ambiance. However, this is not always easy to do. As the trends come and go, you might feel worn out like that rug on your bathroom floor. What you need is a bathroom makeover and not any kind, but the one that will turn your frown upside down. All you need is the right décor.

Here are a few unconventional ways to decorate your bathroom:

More space-more comfort

One thing that will give you a taste of luxury is space. More space means more comfort. For that reason, think about reducing the clutter by relocating your washing machine or dryer. By installing some fancy towel racks or hooks for clothes, the room gets more space as well as flair. There are many things which can be used for towel storage. For example, repaint the old ladder so as to use it as a towel rack. A plant stand is quite handy for accessories, while an old wine rack or faux antlers are great for towels and clothes.

Rich materials and colors

The materials that prevail in the bathroom make a strong statement. Sometimes, all you need to do is to focus on the bathroom hardware. By replacing the simple chrome faucet with the edgy copper faucet, this room will get a totally different look. Opting for brass is also a good choice. Make sure to blend other accessories, e.g. soap dish or shower curtain, according to these main details. Moreover, make a bold statement by putting a bath rug. Don’t just put the plain white bath rug. Luxury implies rich and vibrant colors, the ones that a Persian or a Turkish rug will provide.

Unique mirror

The mirror takes a central position on the wall in the bathroom. In a way, it is surrounded by all the other accessories, like lighting fixtures and cabinets. As it has such an important position, a simple rectangular bathroom mirror or even oval-shaped one will do. Around the mirror, you can add crown molding to serve as a unique frame. If you really want to make the room pop, consider adding a sunburst mirror, which you can easily make yourself. It’s unusual and breathtaking.

Trendy bathroom solutions

Many changes have been made to the modern bathroom as to provide more comfort and efficiency to its users. Nowadays, many residents are looking to replace the highly impractical bathtub with a shower cabin. Some people prefer to have the toilet separated from the rest by setting it up in another room. Since these solutions require plumbing work to be done by a professional. Finding an expert on bathroom renovation in Sydney was easy enough. We researched a little bit, looked through some online reviews, local forums. Presumably, it’s also like that in your hometown, so this part should not be a big problem. If you require more space, consider removing the additional sink or adding two shower heads for you and your partner.

Let there be light… with flair

The lighting plays a major role when it comes to the ambiance in the bathroom. The darker your bathroom is, the smaller it shall seem. Brighten up the bathroom by adding a skylight or installing bigger windows. Moreover, try some lighting solutions ideas. By investing in the lighting fixtures and creatively rearranging them, you shall give a unique look to your bathroom. For example, consider buying an antique chandelier on a flea market and hang it over the bathtub. Stylish LED lights will also do the trick.

A place to sit

Since you will probably love spending your time in this small gateway you have created, think about introducing comfort by adding a seat to your liking. Whether that is a plain wooden stool or a comfy armchair, it shall definitely emphasize the comfort, warmth, and serenity of your bathroom. In the end, you shall ask yourself how you have ever lived without it. Repaint an old wooden stool in a shabby chic style, add a cushion, and there you have it.

Your dream bathroom

Focus on space, materials, lighting, mirrors ideas, and bathroom improvements. Hopefully, by following these unconventional tips, you will make your dream bathroom come to life.