A natural touch reigns supreme in the trendy mother-earth inspired décor.

Natural resources are great for your wallet, your style and for the environment. As these stressful and erratic times make it increasingly difficult to relax and find tranquillity in our lives, one of the options is to create peace in the comfort of our own home. This is the reason why natural resources used in interior designs have increased in popularity and seem to trend in modern days.

As people add more organic farmed food into their diet, taking a similar approach to decorate your home with style is the next logical step. Less processed materials are good for you and your environment. Nature offers almost endless inspirations for decorating your homes and there is something really soothing about a natural décor. While you plan to create a trendy interior, going green is definitely the way to go. Interior designers are taking advantage of every chance to bring nature into your home, which means you have a choice to incorporate natural resources into almost every aspect of your décor. An orchestra of small houseplants adds natural character to any space in your home.

Nature inspired objects were once limited to random shell collections and flower arrangements, but nature now rules the roost. Let’s see how to bring these new, organic, trendy natural resources into your home.


A piece of weathered barn wood can act as a runner when cutting to the length of your dining table. Employ the piece of the plank as a stage for seasonal produce such as pears, plums, mangoes, figs, apples and oranges. You can weave crabapple branches for an added texture.

You can also try this for your tabletop display for your next centrepiece – assemble assorted murano vases of various sizes along with large leaves in a variety of colour striations and textures. Pour a little water into the vase, tucking the leaves inside for a modern twist with a natural display.


Everybody loves greenery and nature; unfortunately, we cannot look at greenery or nature all the time, but you can create an indoor garden in your home where you can have pure and refreshing air and enjoy the greenery all the time.

Decorative terrariums can bring an instant outdoor touch to your indoors. Having something to nurture and tend can make your life more meaningful, even if it only means watering plants daily. Hyacinth blooms, violet anemone, green berries and seeded eucalyptus can be displayed in bell jars in your indoor garden.

One should incorporate indoor gardens at homes because plants filter air around them emitting oxygen and absorbing gasses such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene, which is good in all aspects of your mental and physical health. They create better interior and more positive vibes in your home. You can have your indoor garden in your living room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom or even in a bedroom. Typically anywhere at home.


Understanding the history behind the wood employed in Goodwin floors enriches its beauty and value. Wood is a natural resource available in various colours and grain patterns. Ever more homeowners are choosing the wood floor effect. Our nature to love trees, to harvest and replant them has made most homeowners turn to wooden flooring. Wooden flooring enhances the glamour of our homes. Wood is the most abundantly renewed resource that can be multiplied over and over again.

Parquet flooring gives a sophisticated look which can counterpart any lifestyle and since the pieces of wood are arranged to create a pattern you can choose what appeals the most to you to bring your room together.

As more homes are designed with floor plans that are open. It is good to avoid seams between spaces installing planks naturally without dividers. Consistency in flooring makes for easier cleaning and appeals aesthetically. Wooden floors are the most sought-after amenities in a home. They are functional and durable and add timeless quality and beauty to the interior of any home.


Fill a glass vase or a bowl with stack stones or pebbles to create an ornamental look, which also makes stylish paperweights for your home.

Just fill a shallow bowl with sand and add few pebbles to make a discerning tabletop accent instilled with Eastern culture to make your own miniature Zen garden.

Although traditional doorstops made of rubber do the job without any punch, using a rock instead is a great idea.

As you wander along the seashore, gather an assortment of shells to ornament your bare shelves or your mantle.


At times the addition of a single natural resource can float a vignette into perfection. Seek for items having interesting sizes and shapes that align with the prevailing display. A branch that is twisted with lots of tendrils can be placed on a table or a box to create a balance within the display.

The expertise to bring nature into your homes has been an aim that the homeowners have struggled to achieve over decades. For many generations, humans have loved the organic and natural appeal of natural elements that aid them in feeling calmer, at peace and above all more welcomed into space. It is even more apparent in recent years that incorporating nature into our homes is essential as it is something that cannot be duplicated.


Even in completely modern spaces, a touch of nature can strike the balance between angular corners and sleek surfaces while introducing certain softness to space. Think big and make a statement by considering buying furniture made out of eco-friendly fibers, installing a copper bathtub, adding bamboo shades to your windows to reduce sun glare in the afternoons, installing parquet flooring. Do not get intimidated to mix materials; parquet flooring will actually help your large wooden dining table make a statement.

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