Where to Save and Splurge When Decorating your Living Space

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or feel like your current living space needs a refresh, you’re probably going to worry about budget limitations. It’s no wonder, we all wish we could afford the best quality pieces but that’s just not a possibility for most of us. Truthfully, there probably are areas where it makes sense to not spend too much. That’s why we’ve created this easy guide to splurging and saving when you’re decorating your living space.



Your upholstered seating, that’s sofa or armchairs, need to be beautiful, comfortable and certainly durable – all elements that don’t tend to come cheap. Shopping around and budgeting more for this type of seating will save you money in the long run as it will stay looking great and comfortable to sit on for much longer compared to cheaper counterparts. Budget fabrics just don’t have the same resilience as more expensive ones, which are often treated with a protective coating or can be for a little extra. Looking to get even more value from your sofa? Shop for sofa beds like these ones from dwell, not only are they great to look at but they’ll also allow you to host overnight guests, even if your space is too small for it usually.

Dining table

Not every home can fit in a dining table but if you can then you want to make sure that it’s a bit of a beauty. It’s a key piece of furniture that sees a lot of use (and probably some knocks and spills) whilst occupying a decent chunk of space in a room. Invest in something that’s well crafted from a good quality material and then decorate it as you wish table accessories and funky dining chairs, all of which you’ll be able to save on.

Where to save and splurge when decorating your living spaceSave


There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to adding a few finishing touches to your home. Accessories are a lot of fun and this stage of decorating is possibly the most enjoyable for all of us. There are now endless high-street places to get accessories from, allowing you to not only save but also take a seasonal approach to decorating. It’s always going to be easier, and cheaper, to swap a few cushion covers to refresh the look of your room once you start getting a little bored with its look. Experiment with colour and texture to find your interior design personality while not breaking the bank.

Side lamps

These never take centre stage in any room and therefore don’t require a huge investment. The recent trend for industrial lights, ones made up not much more than a light bulb and stand, continue to be popular proving that sometimes even a lampshade is extra. Look for functionality as well as design, not forgetting to pay attention to the type of light bulb you’ll need for the room – a reading light will have different requirements to an office lamp.