7 Steps to Decorating Your Interior with Plants

When you decorate the inside of your home with plants, you not only add natural life and colour but also create a positive home environment and improve air quality. If carefully maintained, you can also be sure a plant will last for many years, providing natural beauty in your home.

indoor plants

Today, many people have taken interior space for granted. This can be especially problematic for those with a living space smaller than the ceiling height. Selecting the right plants for your interior is a fascinating subject that, if done well, can add a new dimension to your home. Your plants can add life, colour, and personality to your home. They can also provide protection from cold floors and air draughts, and they can help reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bill. Here are some steps to decorate your home with greenery.

1. Create Space for plants

Placing the plant in the right direction is also essential for a beautiful look. It takes spaces like corners, table-scapes of foliage, centre stage, and on book shelves. Whether it’s your bedroom or living room. Plants increase the value of your interior. The floor should look spacious for plants.

2. Pick your favourite plants

Selecting the right plant for your interior is also an important decision for creating an elegant look. You can also choose the plants according to their smell, size and shape. A plant that gives more oxygen is the right one for the interior.

3. Arranging the plants

After you’ve picked your spaces, go fill them with plants. The next step is to arrange the plants in the proper places. You can pick any place from your desk to your office table to properly decorate the place with plants. For example, you can decorate your studio apartment with mini plants which are placed in glass containers. You can also use any other decorating items such as plants, rocks, and grass to give a wonderful effect.

indoor plants

4. Creating decors

If you are a beginner you can use test tube plants or succulent walls, these plants are low-maintenance plants and will give a very refreshing and unique effect to your interior. You can use a bar cart and plant a plant into that. This will also give a very unique effect to your interior and you can use other plants like cactus or orchids. You can decorate your fireplace with these plants.

5. Using low-maintenance plants

Using a plant that requires low maintenance is a very good choice. Luminous plants are the kind of plants that require very little care. There are many kinds of low-maintenance plants available in the market. for example, you can use aloe, bird’s nest fern, snake plant, and ZZ plant. These plants are smaller and you can easily use them to decorate your desk or bookshelf.

6. Finding the right spot

Once you’ve figured out which plants you want to use to decorate your interior, the next step is to find out the right spot to place the plants. For tall and long plants you can use the corners of your room, For medium-sized plants, you can place them in the window or on a shelf. For mini or small plants you can decorate your desk or a your book shelf.

7. Taking care of the plant

Finding the right spot not only involves aesthetics, but it also involves making sure that the plant is getting enough sunlight and other nutrition it requires. So make sure to choose a spot that will give enough sunlight to the plant. Take care of your plants by giving them water from time to time and cutting back the dead leaves.


In the above-written article, we have discussed how you can easily decorate your interior with the help of plants and we have discussed 7 ways through which you create a decorative interior with plants. Decorating the interior with plants not only gives a unique effect it also provides refreshment to the human body. Plants release stress and increase the oxygen level in the room which helps the brain to get refreshed.