Different Splashback Materials for Modern Kitchens

Kitchens are quite challenging to decorate, considering their neutral colour palette. However, picking the right splashback material can instantly uplift the look of your entire cooking space while elevating its visual appeal without any hassle.

Moreover, the neutral kitchen designs come with certain limitations. While they offer streamlined and contemporary appearance, they may appear lifeless and dull at times. If you add excess colour to the interior, it will kill the elegance of the subtle, neutral shades.

So, how to decorate your neutral kitchen decor out of so many options – from glass splashbacks to stainless steel splashbacks? A subtle yet effective way of doing so is choosing the right kitchen splashback.

glass splashbacks

Following are some popular backsplash worktop materials to give oomph to your modern kitchen designs:

1. Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tiles are a popular material for kitchen splashbacks. These are also quite affordable and available in a wide range of textures and colours to match different looks or themes of an interior. Ceramic tiles also mimic the effect of pressed metal and are perfect for styling any traditional kitchen decor.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are more durable and more rigid compared to ceramic tiles. Therefore, these are perfect for a busy kitchen. These tiles are also great for flooring. It means you can easily match your kitchen worktop with kitchen flooring or walls if required.

Another good thing about porcelain worktops is that these are available in large-formats for convenient kitchen surfacing. The large-format porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of textures, hues and effects, including solid colour, timber effect, metallic effect and marble effect. It ensures that homeowners get any desired design without much hassle. The patterned and textured porcelain worktops can easily withstand more condensation and splatters before they start appearing grubby.

This splashback material is one of the sturdiest and highly resistant to moisture and heat, making it an excellent material for moist and humid conditions.

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3. Tiles Made From Marble

These marble tiles became popular in recent years for creating different styles of Howden’s splashbacks. Available in various geometric patterns, such as triangles, rectangles, diamonds, squares, etc., these marble tiles enhance the look of the entire cooking space. These shapes are arranged in various patterns and available in different shades and colours for creating striking backsplash designs. Even hexagonal wall tiles are also added to this collection in recent years. Some popular natural stones available in these geometric tile patterns are Calacatta marble tiles, Carrara marble tiles and Statuario marble tiles.

4. Glass Splashback

Whether you choose coloured or white glass splashback, it will provide a modern and chic appeal to your kitchen design. Available in various shades and colours, a glass splashback instantly uplifts the kitchen interior. You may even select painted or patterned glass designs for splashback.

Alternatively, solid back glass splashback installation is also a great idea against neutral-themed Howdens worktops. Adding an extra layer of glass on the splashback is also a great idea for enhancing the overall visual appeal of your cooking space. Meanwhile, toughened glass splashbacks are also great to withstand damages.

5. Chalkboard

Every homeowner might not prefer it; chalkboard splashback design is surprisingly stunning to look at, as well as practical. It is even easy to install and convenient to customise as per your requirements. With the help of chalkboard backsplash, you can quickly transform a particular area of your kitchen into a space to write down notes, cooking instructions, recipes or other important messages.

6. Copper

Do you know that copper even makes an excellent splashback for your kitchen? It looks stunning with neutral kitchen worktops. This splashback material is easy to clean while being antimicrobial and long-lasting.

It is a perfect material to make your kitchen stand out. If you are concerned about daily wear and tear or corrosion, you may install corrosion-resistant materials like Neolith Iron Copper, Dekton Trilium or Neolith Iron Corten. These materials are even highly resistant to scratches, staining and fading over time.

7. Mirror

Do you have a small kitchen? You may consider adding mirrored splashbacks to the interior to create a unique visual sense. The antique mirrored splashback reflects natural light into the given room. It is a great option to install within a kitchen with natural light entering the room. But you must also know that mirrored splashbacks easily catch dirt. So, they require regular cleaning when not created in antique finish.

8. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel splashbacks add a modern and industrial look to a contemporary kitchen theme. It is easier to clean and highly durable, as well. That makes it an excellent worktop material for modern kitchens. For those who don’t prefer the plain stainless steel splashbacks, going for stainless steel tiles is a perfect option for adding sophisticated appeal to a kitchen interior.


With these different splashback materials, homeowners have endless choices to spruce up their kitchen in any desired theme or style. If you’re not sure about which splashback would suit your kitchen worktop, do consult professionals to make the right decision.