Are you planning to buy a drop-in sink for your kitchen? Let’s explore this choice

You cannot imagine a kitchen without a sink. Both share an inseparable, intimate, and close relation. You may not be a busy cook who spends most of their time on the kitchen sink while preparing meals or washing dishes.

Still, it doesn’t mean you can do away with it. Your basin is as important as the cooking space. After all, you have to cook, clean, and accomplish many small and big tasks requiring water use. And, your humble basin attends to all of them silently. If you are tired of your old sink or it seriously needs replacement, you may wonder what you should choose.

As such, there is no shortage of styles and variations. But if you don’t want to get overwhelmed, it’s better to zero in on the most suitable designs for your needs from the beginning.

For example, drop-in and undermount are the two most common options in the market. These are well-known for sleek looks, flexibility, and benefits. However, it makes sense to narrow down your choice by going with a drop-in basin, if you are hunting for an extremely functional style. Why? Let’s see why people refer to it as a practical design.

double bowl kitchen sink

Things to know about a drop-in sink

Also referred to as top-mount or self-rimming sink, this appliance can fit into a pre-cut opening on the counter easily.

These models usually feature wide lip or ledge around the corners. When you drop this sink in the countertop opening, the rim or ledge covers the top of the counter to settle down firmly.

During installation, professional contractors fix it in its place through metal clips and caulk. The clips may not be visible from outside as they remain hidden under the counter.

The merits of a top-mount kitchen sink

top-mount kitchen sink

Do you know it is a popular choice? The reason behind its widespread use can be pricing. Many homeowners select it to save money. If you are looking for cost-effective kitchen remodeling solutions, it can be the best place to start from for your purpose.

However, you may wonder what makes them affordable. One crucial factor is the labor cost.

It is an easy installation type, for which you don’t need to spend a significant amount like an undermount option. Those who have DIY orientation can install it by themselves.

These sinks usually don’t require additional holes, and if installed correctly, they can give you remarkable service for a long time, though other factors can also weigh in here. But it is undeniable that it is quick to install and replace.

Many people prefer to upgrade their kitchen from time to time. If they don’t have a huge budget, they make peace with small renovations, of which sink replacement can seem to be the go-to choice. If you use a drop-in model, you will also not need to worry about transitioning from one design to another.

A lot of interior designs apply various materials to give your kitchen a new and innovative look.

For example, you can picture your countertop to be a wood, laminate, or granite surface.

No matter what you choose for the sake of novelty, a top-mount installation can be an equal or mute spectator regardless of its surface as per your desirability. Usually, stainless steel and granite form the typical collection.

For an idea, you can browse through a Kraus drop in kitchen sink range. In some places, you can get more choices also. But if you are interested in a durable material, stainless steel and composite granite can be the best bet.

Another reason why a top-mount basin can adorn your kitchen well compared to others is its size.

From under 20 to 35 inches, the innumerable options in length give you the flexibility to pick something based on the space in your cooking zone.

Even if you buy a smaller size in this, you will not feel that you had to compromise with your preference due to the limited room. The 9 to 10 inches deep bowl can still accommodate a lot of your needs.

It is just that you have to adjust to it a bit.

Anyway, whether you buy a small or large appliance, you don’t have to take any mental pressure with cleaning. All the sink corners are reachable and, therefore, easy to clean also.

The demerits of a top-mount kitchen sink

Although this specific design gets thumbs up for many things, you cannot ignore some of its downsides. For instance, you can be ambitious about the kitchen’s modern look. For this, you will have to select sleek items as their minimalist character makes it convenient to achieve your primary interior goal.

With this type of sink, you may not be able to obtain it in a strict sense. Besides, it doesn’t take time to clean, but its flanks can create a little problem.

The food particles, dust, or other unwanted matters can get stuck there, leading to buildups if not removed on time.

As such, every installation type can have its strength and weakness.

So, you don’t need to change your decision based on this. You cannot overlook the fact that a drop-in sink offers you a flexible design. To be precise, you can be free to choose any style if you plan to change your countertop and the sink. Otherwise, your options can get curtailed.

It may not seem like an actual challenge, but it is critical to keep this point in mind if you don’t have enough time to spend on its shopping.

You can replace a drop in basin effortlessly because of its easy installation process. It can be cost-effective too. If the existing model is a drop-in, you cannot select an undermount design without spending additional money and hours.

But you don’t have to worry about replacing an undermount model with this. A bit of plumbing work can help solve your concern.

In essence, a top-mount sink can be the thing if you want to save money and have more varieties.