8 Genius and Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

We all think about decorating our house, especially our bedroom, hall, or guest room. But what about our kitchen. We only think of keeping our kitchen clean. So here are some innovative ideas for decorating your kitchen. This will make our kitchen attractive, beautiful, and unique.


Whatever the size of the kitchen is, we can make it eye-catching and Stylish.

Renovating the kitchen will help to feel excited, and it can draw the eye down the length of a room. The compact kitchen can appear longer and more open. There are so many walls decorating ideas that make the kitchen looks different and beautiful.

1. Old and unused utensils of the kitchen

This is the simplest, easy, and awesome idea of decorating your kitchen. There are many such utensils in every house which are not used because of being old or no shining of utensils. So that can be used in decorating the walls by making it look attractive. This will not cost you a penny, and so no budget is required.

For example, plate spoons, paper cups, paper plates, a winnowing basket, a spatula can be used in decorating walls. Paint the plates with different colours and make designs over it or write some quotes which can relate to the kitchen and hang it on the wall. Spoons can be painted and put on the wall as decorative items. We can write some quotes on the winnowing basket and decorate it on the wall.

For example- “freshly baked puddings” or “let’s have a meal” can be written, which will be interesting. Rustic kitchen utensils can be displayed as a decoration. Recycle empty glass jar into a trendy design object. An old rolling pin can be made shiny by varnish and set as a decorative item.

2. Canvas prints

canvas printCanvas prints can also be used to decor your kitchen. It is the easiest and most trending way to decorate your home as well as the kitchen. Pictures can be customized on a canvas frame and used as a decor idea. There are different Canvas prints by CanvasPop that can be used to customize your kitchen.

Split Canvas or Triptych prints are made by splitting a picture into three panels, which makes the ordinary picture into an interesting way of art. This looks trendy and awesome ideas for decorating the kitchen. This makes a picture into art, and does a plain wall gets converted into the work of art.

Your walls will also show your creativity based on your choices and designs. Different prints can be made on the Canvas panel like Red wine cups, lighthouse illustrations, rustic flower Canvas wall art painting, kitchen wall decor colourful Of Spices, and cereals with cooking ingredients. Funny kitchen wall art print or coffee cup or Coffee Bean on Canvas panel can be printed and used as kitchen decorations.

3. Painted walls

The walls of the kitchen can be painted, which makes it enticing. A combination of colours can be used to paint the kitchen or opt for a single colour and paint the whole. For example, if you choose a white colour, then that will make your kitchen look light, airy, and spacious than before.

You can also choose a colour that can add a dramatic tone to your kitchen and can go through your cupboards. Using light Colors for paint will enlarge the space visually while the darker tone colours will present the area without making it feel closed in. The colour Of the Wall is most important in making your kitchen look pleasant.

4. Small coffee bar

coffee bar

One side of a kitchen wall can be designed and written boldly as a “Small coffee bar” below, which has some wooden basket and coat rack. You can keep some utensils such as a bottle of tea leaves or sugar and hang cups and mugs. This will reflect as a greeting for a cup of tea or coffee. Make that place with wood lettering, rusted metallic utensils, or some other which attracts.

5. Pot hanging rack of wood

We have so many utensils that sometimes our rack does not have a space to keep. So we can use a wooden board as a pot hanger on the walls. It is not easy to cut a wooden board and prevent it from falling.

Paint the wood or add some light to the wooden board to shine and showcase it. Place the nails on the wooden board in a pattern so that when utensils and pots are held, it looks unique and nice.

kitchen decor

6. Pendant lights

Lighting your kitchen makes the kitchen looks bright and attractive. Clear glass pendant lights can be put on the ceiling. Beautiful designer lights can be put on the walls of the kitchen, which is the most effective way to make it attractive. Bold blue pendant lights can set a warm and soothing mood in the kitchen.

7. Wall Decor

Nowadays, 3D paintings are also made on the walls. This will not only make your kitchen beautiful but also attractive. 3D wall painting can cause little, but it’s an awesome way to make the kitchen walls unique.

3D paintings of the water bubble are mostly painted. Water drops paint on the kitchen walls look very pleasant and realistic. We can also make some designs on the walls which can make walls beautiful. Other than this tranquil Lake scene, a bowl of fruit, painting of a coffee mug or wine glass can be painted.

Splash painting can be done on kitchen walls. Artists make the Paints flick, throw, or drip on the walls with the help of brushes and other implements. Splash painting shows us the naturalness and physical approach of art.

kitchen backsplash

8. Tiled walls

For a modern and clean look, you can also decorate your walls by tiles. Nowadays, printed and decorative tiles have come, which makes the kitchen looks stylish. Vegetable prints tiles or fruits printed can be placed on the wall. The walls of the kitchen get dull as time passes due to smoke. Therefore, to prevent the walls, tiles can be used as they get cleaned easily and do not get dull.