Top 10 Eco-friendly Qualities to Look for in Insulating Your Home

Eco-friendly homes use less energy than traditional houses. Eco-friendly houses not only save you a huge chunk of money on electricity bills, but you’ll also live in a healthy and comfortable environment.

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In the Spring Statement, 2022, the UK government have reduced VAT on home insulation, solar panels and heat pumps from 5% to zero for the next five years. So now is a great time to turn your home into an eco-home. This post will shed light on ten eco-friendly qualities to look for when insulating your home. Read on to find out more.

Whether old or new, popular energy-saving houses have these key qualities:

1. Advanced house framing

Also referred to as Optimum Value Engineering (OVE), advanced house framing is a special technique of framing that uses less wood to build a house. The main objective of this type of framing technique is to save energy and protect the environment. Moreover, it significantly reduces construction costs.

2. Appropriate insulation

Insulation is a must-have to get a serene, comfy, and eco-friendly home. Ensuring the appropriate insulation balance can help to trap heat in your house. If you insulate your home correctly, you don’t need to pay more to install a heating system.

Some insulation systems are developed for particular homes and regions. Here, you need to determine the climatic conditions of the location of your home and then identify the right type of insulation for the home.

3. Correct exterior doors

The exterior door heavily influences a home’s internal temperature. It controls the internal temperature by either trapping hot or cold air in the room.

4. Eco-friendly appliances

Electrical appliances in your home, like heaters, washers, and refrigerators, tend to become inefficient and energy-hungry over time. It’s important to note that energy-efficient electrical appliances with high energy ratings require less water or electricity.

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5. Environmental-friendly materials

For a home to be eco-friendly, it has to be made of eco-friendly construction materials. First, environmentally-friendly materials require less energy to be developed. Secondly, they help to keep the environment green and clean.

6. Exterior colour

Your home’s exterior colour determines how energy-efficient it will be. A dark colour will keep your home warmer, while a light colour will help to keep it cooler. Here, you need to choose the right colour for your home depending on where you’re located and the climate there. Once you understand the climate patterns, you can make an informed decision on the right colour for your house.

7. Flooring

Flooring plays a crucial role in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency. The appropriate flooring can aid you in maintaining the appropriate temperature levels without incurring any additional costs. To further preserve your home’s temperature, you can use a carpet or rugs.

8. Great window placement

For instance, if your house is located in a cold region, you can trap the heat in your home by installing small windows with double-glazing. Doing so also reduces outside drafts and noises. When installing windows in your house, the size of the windows and what covers them determine the amount of cool or heat you lose.


9. Skylights

Since their introduction to the Materials Market, skylights have become quite popular in eco-friendly homes. They significantly improve and enhance your house’s ventilation, lighting, and heating. These lights also reduce the need to utilize electrical lighting during the daytime.

10. Solar panels

Solar panels are among the best quality found in eco-friendly homes. They turn sunlight energy onto direct electrical power. In turn, this helps reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and other harmful forms of electricity. More so, it can help to keep your electricity costs to a minimum.


What are some eco-friendly qualities to look out for when insulating your house? Well, we hope you now have the answer. These are some of the factors to consider when insulating your home. An eco-friendly home does more than just increase your bank balances. It makes sure that you’re staying in an eco-friendly, low-impact, and generally healthy environment.