Electric Heating in New Builds


Legislation changed recently to mean that new homes built after 2025 cannot have gas central heating installed.

This is a step towards the UK’s chances of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. However, millions of homes across the UK have no access to a gas line and this looming change stopping the use of gas heating in new homes altogether, has sparked a renewed interest in direct-acting electric heating as one of the easiest to install along with the simplicity of control.

As well as helping reduce carbon emissions there is a host of other benefits to installing electric radiators:

  • Zero maintenance – there is no requirement for annual checks of electric radiators.
  • Easy of installation – Installation is a straightforward DIY task. Simply fix to the wall and plugin at the nearest socket No messy or expensive pipework, plug or spur into your standard connection.
  • 100% Energy efficient – not only is electricity renewable and helps to lower carbon footprints, modern electric radiators have no wasted energy to heat conversion and no loss through pipes. Making it exceptionally efficient from the moment you switch it on
  • Ease of control – Lot20 compliance ensures that all-electric radiators have built-in time and temperature controls, therefore enabling the best use of your radiators when controlled individually or as a system.
  • Smart Controlyou can now manage your heating from not only any room but from any country! So that no matter where you are in the world, whether you are at the office or on holiday, you can still remain in complete control of your heating.

Direct-acting electric radiators use a combination of both radiant and convection heat giving the same feeling of warmth as you would get from a gas central heating system. Slimline and modern in appearance there is an electric radiator range to suit almost all styles. And couple that with the optional WiFi controls that many now have, enable you to have complete control of every room from anywhere in the world!.

Electric Heating has definitely moved up several levels in recent years and continues to do so, and with the eventual release (expected 2021) of the new SAP regulations, it looks set to become the first choice for all new builds, refurbishments and extensions across the UK.

More and more advice is requested with regards to these changes so It will help align yourself with a company who can provide you with heating estimates and plans along with advice for the correct radiators for the buildings or homes is essential now and will be even more so in the times to come.