Elevate your home with CNC Cutting Designs

While the term ‘do it yourself’ may strike terror into the heart of anyone who has ever attempted a major flat pack installation, it’s thought that around 52% of Brits regularly completed DIY tasks at home at the end of 2019.

Not only this, but an estimated 34% of UK citizens expected to undertake more DIY tasks during the fourth quarter of 2019, with this at least partially influenced by the range of high-quality and professional-grade tools now available to everyday Brits.

Take a CNC router, for example, which allows for the creation of bespoke cutting designs that can really elevate your home interior. But what exactly is this tool, and what are the most striking designs that they can help to bring to life?

CNC Cutting Designs

What are CNC Cutting Designs?

The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is an established technology that’s frequently incorporated into machinery for improved speed and efficiency.

With this in mind, a CNC router is similar to the more industrial CNC mill, as it provides a significant upgrade on the traditional handheld router (thanks in part to its capacity for cutting durable materials such as wood, steel, plastic and aluminium).

The integration of CNC technology also allows a router to follow tool paths that execute pre-set rules and instructions, enabling more flexible designs and much improved levels of productivity.

The main benefit of using a CNC router is that it can save time by offering high levels of automation, while it’s this unique selling point that also allows for more complex and intricate cutting designs.

How to Elevate Your Home’s Interior With CNC Cutting Designs

Fortunately, you can invest in beginner or hobby CNC routers, which are ideal for DIY enthusiasts who are operating on a relatively small budget.

CNC router dividers

This will enable you to get started on recreating some truly exceptional and high-end CNC cutting designs, including the following:

1.   Design Bespoke Dividers

Open-plan living is all the range in 2021, but you may find that this type of space occasionally suffers from a lack of distinct and defined living areas.

This is where dividers come into play, however, as they provide a stylish and unobtrusive feature that can subtly distinguish different rooms and spaces within the home.

With your CNC router, you can recreate some truly diverse and impressive divider designs to suit your space. For example, you could look to develop laser-cut wooden panels to suit slightly rustic and traditional interiors with wooden floors, or more creative custom designs that are compatible with more contemporary homes.

Wooden panels are probably the most popular option for most residential homes, while CNC routers will enable you to produce floral, paisley and even geometric patterns to stamp your unique persona on a property’s interior.

2.   Create Unique Motifs on Your Interior Doors

While doors play an important functional role in any home, they often offer very little from the perspective of design.

This means that doors offer a unique opportunity for experimentation when deploying CNC cutting designs, whether you want to create something from scratch or elevate an existing bell-shaped cutout with an eye-catching and intricate pattern.

For example, Hindus often pray and meditate behind so-called ‘pooja’ doors, which are intricate wooden designs that often feature bell-shaped cutouts.

Make no mistake; a CNC router can easily be used to enliven this with asymmetrical and curved geometric pattern, creating a stunning and unique aesthetic that takes your home interior onto an entirely new level.

This is just one example, of course, but it offers a clear insight into what can be achieved when using a CNC router.

Unique Motifs on Interior Doors

3.   Introduce Unique and Individual Wall Accents

There remains a strong trend for so-called neutral interiors in the modern age, which often combine colours like magnolia with pastel hues such as pale pink and duckegg blue.

However, such colour combinations can leave your home lacking in a little personality, creating an underwhelming visual impression that’s far from ideal.

CNC cutting designs can help in this regard, however, by providing some bespoke wall accents that utilise intricate patterns and shapes to elevate even the most mundane interior space.

Once again, the use of curved and geometric patterns can prove incredibly effective here, with this offering a stylish but minimalist approach that may suit most contemporary interiors.

We’d also recommend throwing in some subtle backlights to help emphasise your designs and draw attention to your handiwork, without detracting from the other elements in your home’s interior.

4.   Highlight Your Ceilings

Let’s face facts; ceilings are often ignored and overlooked as part of any home interior revamp, with these entities lucky if they received a fresh coat of paint!

Despite this, we’re seeing rising demand for so-called “false ceilings”, which are slightly dropped and hang below the main ceiling in a particular room or living space. This may also be referred to as a “dropped” or “suspended” ceiling, depending on the precise design that you choose to invest in.

However, utilising a dropped ceiling can compress the sense of space in your home, while it may not necessarily add anything to the interior in terms of design or visual appeal.

Fortunately, introducing unique shapes and geometric CNC patterns can help to create an alluring effect, while providing an eye-catching design feature that will enliven any interior space.

Once again, you can add further appeal to this design with the right backlighting, with bright and different coloured lights particularly effective in more intimate settings.

5.   Design Customised Furniture and Headboards

We close with customised furniture and headboard designs, which can create unique focal points in different rooms and help to establish a truly inventive home interior.

From sofas and bedside tables to headboards, carved CNC designs can usher in a genuine rustic charm, while also adding small but significant interior elements that have a cumulative impact in your home.

This works for both traditional and contemporary decors too, with even small designs such as bookends capable of breaking up monotonous wall colours and introducing character into your home.