The End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist that all Landlords and Tenants Need

Many landlords will have come to the end of a tenancy, inspected their property and found that it isn’t as clean as it should be. Tenants, on the other hand, may be confused about what their responsibilities are when they move out. This end of tenancy cleaning checklist will help to make everything clear…

At the end of a tenancy, it is a tenant’s responsibility to clean the property to a professional standard – the level that it is supposed to be at when they moved in. If the property isn’t as clean as when the tenant moved in, they may not get their full deposit back from the landlord when they move out.

When a landlord comes to inspect the property at the end of a tenancy in preparation for new tenants moving in, they will want it to be in a professional condition that’s clean enough for new occupants.

With so many tenancy deposit disputes arising over cleaning deficiencies, Rose Jinks, on behalf of award-winning Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords, explains how this end of tenancy cleaning checklist, created in association with Landlord News, can help:

“Just Landlords is dedicated to ensuring that landlords and tenants understand their responsibilities, and cleaning is a particularly murky area in the lettings industry.

“Our ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklist can be used by both parties to ensure that rental properties are kept to an adequate level and everyone involved in the lettings process sticks to their duties.”

So how can the checklist be used?

Jinks explains: “If you’re a tenant, you can use the checklist as you clean your property before moving out to ensure that you don’t miss anything that may result in you losing your deposit. Landlords can then use the checklist when they inspect the property after the tenant has moved out to make sure that nothing has been missed and to support any deductions made from the tenant’s deposit.”

For added ease, the checklist has been divided into rooms and objects/appliances, meaning that you can use it effectively to go through the home and tick everything off.

It also includes the smaller details that you might forget about or miss – including the garden – which is essential in making sure a tenant completes all of their responsibilities.

So what’s included?

Starting with dust and dirt, the checklist names all of the areas that need to be ticked off to make sure that not a spec of dust is left behind.

Moving onto more troublesome areas, it addresses how to tackle the bathroom and kitchen, before explaining what a tenant should do with the fridge/freezer.

If you’re unsure about your responsibilities regarding furnishings, the checklist explains exactly how to clean these to prevent tenancy deposit deductions, as well as addressing the best way to clean the carpet to a professional standard.

Windows must also be remembered, so Just Landlords has some top tips to make sure that they’re spick and span.

And appliances can sometimes cause confusion, so turn to the cleaning checklist to make sure nothing is missed.

To further guide tenants, Just Landlords has made a distinction between the tasks that are always expected at the end of a tenancy and those that may be specific to certain tenancy agreements. For example, some landlords will require the tenant to turn the fridge/freezer off before they move out, others won’t. If you are unsure, the checklist reminds you to consult your individual tenancy agreement.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, download and print out this handy cleaning checklist to make sure that you stick to your responsibilities at the end of a tenancy – happy dusting!