End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

Many landlords and letting agents hire professional cleaning companies for an end of tenancy clean. This is done sometimes when a tenant has left the property in a less than favourable condition or to ensure that there is standard the next tenant has to adhere to.

It is difficult to give a specific price, as all properties are different. However, if we were to give a ballpark it can range from £125 – £600. Typically, a standard end of tenancy clean will include kitchen, living room, dining room, one bedroom, and one bathroom. It will also include vacuuming on the floors and carpets. Services like steam cleaning mattresses and carpets are considered as extras.

See below to see what can affect your end of tenancy cleaning cost.

Size of the property

Price will vary on the size of the property. Larger properties like a 5 bedroom houses will cost more to clean. Smaller properties like a 2 bedroom flat will cost around £165. It’s important to let the cleaning company know how many rooms need to be cleaned and how big the property is. You can be charged more or companies can refuse to carry out the services if they find your property to be bigger than you stated.

The condition of your property

The condition of your property can be a factor on how much your end of tenancy cleaning will cost. There have been cases of companies adding more money onto the overall sum because properties have been left in a bad condition. This situation is rare but can happen. Our advice is to read the terms and conditions of the company you choose to see if you will incur any additional costs in terms of the condition of your property. Again, it’s better to be honest to companies so they can give you an accurate quote.


Additional costs can be incurred if extra items need to be added on to the end of tenancy clean. For example, wall washing is not typically included in a post tenancy clean. External windows are also not included in a standard end of tenancy clean but can be added on as an addition. Always check with your company to see what is included and if you need any extras.

Carpet cleaning

Many properties have carpets that will require a steam clean at an end of tenancy clean. However, the number of carpets you have in your property will affect the overall price. Normally, a standard end of tenancy cleaning will exclude upholstery and carpets. Check with your cleaning company to see if this is included, if not you’ll have to add it in as an extra.

Do I need a professional clean?

As a landlord or letting agent, it may be beneficial to get a professional clean before you let your property out to a tenant. This is because your tenant is required to return the property to you in the way that it was given to them. It is also beneficial to have this information in the inventory report so that the cleanliness of the property cannot be disputed at the end of the tenancy.

Author: Rachel Smith: www.serviceoctopus.com