How To Best Enjoy Nature From Inside Your Home

Let’s be honest.

Not all of us are outsiders. And even if we love nature with all our hearts, we just don’t always have the energy to go out and explore it.

But since nature doesn’t only please our eyes but also our overall well-being, there’s gotta be some loophole right?

We’ve got you covered.

cosy home


Plants are versatile, beneficial, and they belong anywhere.

They naturally improve your home’s odour not only by releasing their fresh scents but also by capturing pollutants and chemicals. Besides, you don’t need to go all out, a couple of plants would do. In fact, even a single plant in each room is enough.

Indoor Trees

Trees are huge, aren’t they?

Not quite.

You see there are enormous trees, but they would only grow that big if you allow them to. This means that you can plant a tree in a large planter and once the roots notice that there’s no more space to spread on, they will eventually stop, keeping the tree in a certain size.

On the other hand, there are also tiny trees called Bonsais that claim to be on their “full-size”. You can also add fresh tropical beauty to your home by planting dwarf citrus trees such as orange or lemon trees.

Kitchen Herbs

There’s been this brilliant trend of growing your own herbs in your kitchen. You read that right, kitchen. You can either place multiple small pots over your kitchen countertop, drill shallow shelves to the wall, or even place them in between your sink and window.

indoor plants

Low Maintenance Plants

Frankly, not all of us wish for extra responsibility. Which is why low maintenance plants or the ones that thrive well with an ample amount of care and attention exist.

Succulents such as aloe vera and cacti are well known for these. There are also air-purifying plants such as areca, bamboo palm, and ferns.


Flowers are a very ideal option. And that is not just because they’re the most aesthetic decor, but also because they offer you various choices and are both cheap and convenient. Not to mention that they’re readily available almost at almost every market.

High-Humidity Plants

Commonly, when plants are put in places that are too humid, the growth and spread of mould and bacteria tend to speed up causing them to die and wither. Luckily, certain plants can survive these environments, some even favour being in them and grow and prosper.

Plants like bamboo, eucalyptus, begonia, asparagus ferns, and Chinese evergreen are the ones. You can easily place them inside your bathroom for a more natural spa-like experience.



Bringing in new textures and patterns that will blend into your home will make it not only look but feel like nature’s paradise. All natural interiors are also very reliable when it comes to durability, they are known for being sturdy and for their long lifespan.

Stone And Slate

Stones and slates are normally found outside so making them a part of your home’s interior would literally be bringing the outdoors inside.

Keep in mind that they need to stand out because it would defeat the purpose if they didn’t.


There’s a wide range of wood you can choose from, just make sure that you choose the natural ones. Things like rich colours, unique surfaces, and raw edges are some examples.

You don’t really want to aim for the highly furnished ones since they would give an artificial feel.

livingroom plants



Although the air’s condition already improved with all the plants you’ve added to your home, there’s more you can do for it.

Even the simplest act of opening your windows no matter what the season has an impact. Doing so will also connect you to the weather making you feel as if you’re outside.

In addition to all that, you can also use natural and artificial scents of nature.

Candles, air fresheners, and essential oil diffusers are quite ideal for this task. The most nature-like scents are eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary.


Now that you have plants, one of the most important things you’ll need is sunlight.

The brighter, the better. Having a clean and fresh atmosphere can help motivate your day. So remember to always keep your windows clean and open.

Don’t have a lot of windows?

Not a problem.

Simply position a mirror where it would reflect the sunlight entering through your window to a dim space and problem solved!

This hack would surely spread the sunlight to the entire room, but beware of heating. Another benefit of doing this is it would mean maximizing the light’s purpose. With it spread throughout the room, you can easily cut down your electricity cost.


Background noises like the birds chirping and leaves rustling tend to trigger our senses into relaxation and an improved mood. This is why things like ASMR and sitting on the porch every morning exist, satisfaction.

Such combinations of sounds claim to lower one’s heart rate, ease muscle tension, and reduce stress and anxiety.

You can open your windows to let the vibration of sounds inside. It is also a great idea to place a bird feeder near them for a clear, close-up view of wild bird species while also listening to their chirps.

Yet if you have noisy unpleasant surroundings or the dead silent ones, you can try playing background noise.

Playing such tracks like bird calls can help a lot, especially in stressful environments. These give out a restorative effect and boost your performance. The feeling of hearing water in the streams woosh and the wind whistle rhythmically can soothe and give a sense of satisfaction.