Learn Why Ethanol Fireplaces Are Becoming Popular

Ethanol is becoming more popular especially in things like modern fireplaces that now use this as its fuel source. There are three major advantages to using ethanol fireplaces over other fuel. The three advantages include the fact that there is no soot, smoke, or ashes produced by this type of fireplace. It provides a genuine flame that produces a decent amount of heat. These fireplaces are very easy to install and even easier to use.

Flueless Fireplace

Not that long ago it would have been thought impossible to have a fireplace without any kind of flu. One of the main reasons that clients are now choosing ethanol fireplaces is the fact that they require no flu. Many homes have situations that wouldn’t allow for a flue to be installed.  For these homes, any effort to try and install a traditional fireplace is difficult and expensive.

In an effort for clients to find a better solution they often go with the increasingly popular ethanol fireplace. This fireplace is unlike any other in that it produces no ashes, no soot, and not even smoke. Because the fuel burns so cleanly, there is no need for a vent. Wood stoves emit particles that are considered dangerous while ethanol stoves emit only water, heat and a tiny amount of carbon dioxide that so small it’s insignificant.This is why you should add a bio ethanol fireplace to your home.

Provides Real Flames With Decent Heat

Typically, when homeowners are considering a fireplace and they decide that wood stoves and gas fireplaces are not a good fit, then they usually turn to electric fireplaces. The issue with this type of fireplace is the fact that it does not burn an actual flame and the heat is often minimal. This is why most agree that ethanol is the perfect alternative.

It is surprising how often customers ask if the flames from this fireplace are real.  The answer, as already stated above, is yes. The flames are vivid and emit sufficient heat and provide the feeling of a traditional fireplace without some of the issues related to a regular fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces produce a similar amount of heat as a radiator. One of the reasons that this type of fireplace produces a better quality of heat is simply because it has no flu and therefore the heat is not lost by the flu but instead distributes outward into the room thereby providing more heat.

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Customers are amazed at just how easy these fireplaces are to install and to use. The free-standing models do not require any insulation at all. The wall mounted units only require some brackets and an installation is similar to that of flat screen TVs. Of these types of fireplaces the most complicated are the ones that are built in but even then they are substantially easier to install than other types of fireplaces.

Customers absolutely love how easy these fireplaces are to use. All one has to do is add bio-ethanol to the fireplace and then simply ignite it with a regular lighter. When you’re finished using it you simply take a lid and extinguish the fire. Any unused ethanol will remain and be available for the next time you want to use it.