European Real Estate Market: Emerging Trends in 2018

In 2018, the European real estate environment is predicted to rise due to the economic growth expected to improve within the next three to five years. However, the trending geopolitical situation seems to de-emphasise the focus on regional prospects and is instead shifting the attention to the global.

The industry is expected to become more complex in 2018, but at the same time more accessible and transparent. It is certain that new entrepreneurial trends are shifting from traditional industry norms to more collaborative, flexible, and innovative business models that will require a fresh take on the real estate market. Here are the emerging trends of the European real estate market that will reign supreme in 2018.

Focus will be on high quality assets

In 2018, the focus will greatly centralise around high-quality assets in the strongest of markets, such as Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Amsterdam. However, in order to achieve the greatest possible returns, investors will also be taking greater risks to ensure they reach their target ROI at least.

While the general impression that stellar assets are still overpriced remains, the problem of finding real value across the continent and in new, emerging markets will prove to be a continuous challenge in the modern, uncertain environment. Nevertheless, the increased investment rates in the European market dictate that the environment will stay strong and grow exponentially.

Urbanisation will remain one of the key drivers of real estate

In the modern, densely populated world, urbanisation is becoming one of the most prevalent trends that will only grow more powerful with time. Consequently, it is one of the most influential trends making a shift in the real estate industry in the past few decades. Densely populated areas are expected to drive the potential and cost of real estate even further, with even greater returns soon to follow.

With real estate and urban infrastructure becoming increasingly intertwined as the years go by, new and exciting investment opportunities are opening up across the globe. There are numerous opportunities for grand investments in the housing industry, public spaces, commercial development, and transport that investors shouldn’t miss.

Business immigration as a global trend

With the rise of globalisation, investors are increasingly searching for ways to invest in real estate of other countries, in turn gaining a second passport and citizenship rights of another nation. This is a great way to support cross-industry cooperation and for countries to attract prospective investors.

More importantly, high-net worth investors are able to open up new businesses and gain second passport through investment citizenship programs in one of many countries in Europe offering business immigration opportunities. Malta, UK, Hungary, Monaco, Latvia, Spain are currently among the most prospective real estate markets currently on the rise.

Office space will become a service

When looking for new office spaces, business owners and entrepreneurs will value flexibility, integration, and innovation above all else, in the increasingly digitalised world. Investors are seeing the modern office environment as one of the more potent real estate investment options future tenants will gladly pay for in search of space optimisation and innovation.

The location of the office along with its layout will play a key role in defining the value of the real estate, however the rising trends among consumer demographics are also influencing how these values are defined.

The European real estate market is on a steady rise, with emerging opportunities set to take over 2018 and open up new lucrative opportunities for investors looking to broaden their portfolio, enter a new business market, and obtain citizenship in one of Europe’s prominent countries.

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