Experts reveal best day to sell your house

Mondays are the best days to sell your house with the UK taking average of two months to sell, according to a recent study on property.

The research compiled by Housebuyers4u looks in detail at the average amount of days it takes to sell a house per month and day, finding that Brits overestimate the amount of time it takes to sell a property, averaging at 50 days.

The four factors that influence a house sale the most are the month and day of sale, the location, property type and supply and demand. Experts have found that with Summer just around the corner and Christmas even further away, houses are sold the fastest in Spring months.

May is the fastest-selling month with house sales completing at an average of 57 days. April is also a top month for sales with it taking an average of 60 days, followed by March at 62 days. January and December are the slowest selling months taking homeowners on average over 73 days to sell.

Breaking it down to the best day of the week, the earlier in the week you can sell your house, the better. From entering the marketplace to completion, it takes on average 176 days to sell your house on a Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have similar stats at nearer 190 days. Weekends prove the worst day to put your house up for sale, averaging at 213 days to complete the sale from a Sunday.

The fastest place to sell in the UK is Scotland, with homes taking an average of 39 days to be put on the market and accept an offer. This is followed by West Midlands at 42 and East Midlands at 43 days. London and the North East take the longest to go under offer at over 57 days.

When broken down into property type, a starter home of one or two beds sells quicker at the start of the year in January and February for those with a ‘new year, new home’ mind set. September is also a great time to sell, largely due to young professionals and graduates finishing rental contracts in summer to then embark on their first home. Family and retirement homes are most likely to sell during warmer months, from April to July.

Paul Gibbens, property expert at Housebuyers4U comments: “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selling your house, but we do know key days and months to look out for when planning your house sale. Spring months and the beginning of the week are proven to be the best times to sell a property for the fastest completion.

“Timings will also be relevant to property type – an important element when factoring in both selling and buying properties. A strategic approach to entering the housing market is likely to garner you the largest reward.”