Family entertainment centre: Designing it right

Entertainment units should be the focal point of the room, they capture people’s attention and they are expected to portray a certain feeling and provide a certain level of quality. When it comes to choosing the right entertainment unit, there can be no compromise ‒ quality and aesthetics come first.

The style of furniture you choose for your entertainment unit is an extension of your own personality, so you have the opportunity to let your imagination run free and create something truly unique. After all, you and your loved ones will be looking at it daily for the foreseeable future.

Let’s take a look at how to make all the right choices and create a media centre that the whole family will enjoy.

Experiment with colours

When it comes to the aesthetics of the unit, it needs to complement the room’s décor, but also challenge it and provide a unique experience for the observer. The easiest and most effective way to break the monotony of a room is to introduce new and exciting colours. Start by considering the colour scheme of the room ‒ is it bright and daring, or is it intimate and warm? Next, you want to decide whether the unit is supposed to fully complement this colour scheme or perhaps lighten it up or dim it down.

A good rule of thumb is to think in subtle hues and various shades. The cabinet for your entertainment unit can significantly impact the ambiance of the room, and it can either make it look smaller or bigger ‒ this will depend on the use of colours.

Various finishes

Just because the room’s furniture has a wooden finish, it doesn’t mean that your cabinet has to be the same. You can experiment with various types of finishes and accessories such as glass doors, lacquered finishes, open-rack cabinets and even metal racks in order to break the pattern of the room. On the other hand, if the furniture and décor are minimalistic, introducing wooden finishes will actually give the room some much-needed warmth and character.

A personal touch

A room’s décor becomes unique and intriguing when you add your own personal flare to it. So, don’t be afraid to introduce different style choices such as accentuated colour patterns, potted plants, and shelves with books, toys and paintings on the walls. If you’re a real movie nut, you can hang your favourite movie posters around the room or even transform the entire décor into your favourite genre or franchise ‒ the room is your playing field.

Home theatre system

Naturally, the heart of your media room is a properly installed home theatre. It can be designed as simply or as elaborately. Professionals that supply and install your custom home theatre system will take everything into account – interior design, the ideal room dimensions, optimal size and types of video display, wall construction, lighting controls, acoustics, furnishings, and whether or not to integrate free-standing or concealed components.

Appliances and gadgets

Flat panel TV’s are designed to be wall mounted, we all know that. A proper wall installation of your TV will not only create more space in the media room, but also protect your unit from accidental tipping or bumping and even act as a theft deterrent.

When it comes to functionality, you want to connect all of your frequently used gadgets with your entertainment unit. When you connect your smartphone and laptop to your device, you’ll able to enjoy your favourite movies, programs and video games from the comfort of your chair.

Sound Boosting

The sound system you choose can make or break your entire experience. That’s why you should always try to install a surround sound system in order to create a truly cinematic experience. Sound systems can be mounted on walls, the unit cabinet and the shelves around the room and you should always opt for running the wiring through the walls or even seamlessly running it underneath the carpet and against the corners.

Tie it all together

In order to tie all of the colours and textures together, you should ensure that every colour and accessory has its place and purpose in the room. For instance, a minimalistic room would benefit from wooden finishes as well as from some complementary throw pillows and rugs on the floor. Choose the right type of lighting and introduce programmable lights in order to perfectly set the mood according to the occasion.

With these essential tips on choosing the perfect entertainment unit for you home you will have no problems in creating a functional and aesthetic piece of equipment that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy for years to come.