The Fastest Way to Transform Any Room

Decorating your property, as we all know, can take up a considerable amount of your valuable time. It’s also a very messy process which is why some people end up putting it off or leaving it to a professional painter and decorator. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there when you’ve just finished cleaning off your paint brushes and removed the dust sheets from your furniture, only to notice you missed a spot!


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some common mistakes people make when redecorating is to paint over a dusty or unclean wall, this prevents the paint from adhering to the surface properly and is likely to result in your painted surface flaking off after a short amount of time, leaving you with the prospect of repainting the whole wall again. Similarly, when wallpapering, it’s important to ensure the existing wall is smooth so that you don’t get bubbles under the wallpaper surface. This requires lining paper to be installed first, or for any large holes to be filled prior to wallpapering.

Another common headache when redecorating can be painting over new plaster, and working out how much paint you will need. New plaster requires a ‘mist coat’ of approximately 70:30 mix of emulsion paint to water, to be applied to the plaster before you can actually paint your desired finish, this is because new plaster is very smooth and absorbent, meaning if you paint directly on to it without the mist coat, it is likely to flake off no time at all.

The Fastest Way to Transform Any Room

How to Save Time & Money

One of the fastest ways to transform your room is to use internal cladding panels. These internal cladding panels can be installed directly over existing wallpaper, paint or new plaster which means no scraping, stripping, filling, painting or priming. Not only is it likely to save you time, but it will also save you money.

What’s more is they are 100% waterproof so can be used instead of traditional bathroom and kitchen tiling. Internal cladding will also hide uneven walls, holes, and any unsightly cracks – ideal for any renovation projects which require a fast turnaround with minimal downtime.

The panels are very quick and easy to install – perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Simply use clear adhesive to fix the panels to the wall, or for uneven walls, screw into a timber frame. Each panel interlocks to give a flush finish and is available in natural Stone and Wood effect finished. The full range of anodised trims give the finished effect a high-end professional touch.


What are the key benefits?

– Quick Installation
– 100% Waterproof
– UV Resistant
– 100% Recyclable
– 10-Year Warranty
– Fire Class B-s3, d0 (EU Standard) Class 1 (UK Standard)
– Increased Sound Insulation
– Hides Uneven Surfaces
– Faster than Wallpaper and Painting
– Covers Unsightly Cracks and Holes


So, if you’re looking to make a powerful visual statement, but without the all the hassle involved with redecorating then you should consider using internal cladding panels. For technical advice we suggest speaking to experts at Vulcan Cladding Systems.