Find Creative Curtains For Bay Windows

Bay windows are truly beautiful and they create quite an ambiance. However, they do pose some major problems as well. First of all, they let an incredible amount of light into the home and secondly, they can be a bit cold during the cooler seasons. However, both of the problems can be remedied with the right drapes. Of course, due to the unique protruding design of the bay windows choosing the right drapes that offer both creativity and functionality won’t be the easiest task in the world.

Go With The Bent Curtain Rod

A bay window is nothing more than three or four regular windows, but the unusual feature is the way that they communicate with the rest of the house and the walls These windows will be constructed in a way as to where they project outward from the main walls of the home and form a bay. If you looking for a unique and creative way to dress up your bay windows and make the space they occupy lighter and warmer, you can opt for the bent curtain option. The curtain rod will bend and follow the design of the window. You can also opt for three separate curtain rods that follow the contours of the space.

How Do You Utilize The Area?

When you are shopping for affordable and stylish curtains for your bay windows from a quality vendor like the one mentioned here there are several things that you have to consider. First, you really need to consider what you use the area for. Is the area just a unique way to offer a little decorative feature? If so, then the hanging curtain offers the perfect creative solution. The curtain will be able to close and offer a little privacy while also giving you the option of letting a little light in.

For A Lounging Or Reading Area

Bay windows make for perfect lounging and reading spots due to the way that they protrude the structure. If this is how you are utilizing the area then the panel drapes really offer the most creativity and functionality. The panel can be lowered to any length that you like. In addition to this, they are extremely easy to adjust so that you can let just the right amount of light in.

For A Storage Area

Some homeowners will even utilize their bay windows for a unique little storage area. If this is how you utilize your bay windows then you might want to consider the fitted hanging curtain. This style will allow the drapes to completely wrap around the bay windows and provide an overall more comfortable feeling while also making them completely functional.

Create A Unique, Cozy Look

There is no set rule that says you only have to utilize one style of drapes when you are dressing up your bay windows. In fact, if you want to create a unique, cozy environment then you might want to consider combining hanging drapes with panel drapes. The hanging drapes will go on either side of the bay windows as decoration and the panel drapes will cover each individual window that will both provide privacy and block unwanted light.