4 Tips to Finding the Right Home in a Buyers Market

Buying a home is the best investment option. This is because a home is less likely to depreciate in value like other assets. In fact, your profits are guaranteed by the fact that you can never sell your home for a lesser amount than what you paid to own it. On the other hand, the real estate market is very competitive. Homes are actually bought at the blink of an eye. This is because there are many people that are looking to buy such homes.

The task can be daunting especially when you are competing for the same prime property with individuals of high net worth. Since the sellers receive many bids when they list their homes in the market, they normally opt for the buyer that puts forward a juicy offer. Here are a few tips that can give you an advantage over other potential home buyers.

1. Contract a Knowledgeable Agent  

If you are new in the real estate sector, your search for a home might take ages. In fact, you will miss many home buying opportunities simply because you don’t know how to beat your rivals in their own game. A seasoned real estate agent can help you get a home much faster than when you are doing everything on your own. Since an agent knows the big players in the market, he is likely to be well connected with the listing agents that work for home sellers. In such a case, your agent will be among the first people to know when a home becomes available and he can therefore help you in presenting your offer ahead of other buyers.

2. Sugarcoat Your Deal

Although all the buyers have to pay for the home that is up for sale, the homeowner will opt to close the deal with a buyer that has his best interests at heart. You can compel the seller to ignore other home buyers by stating that you will occupy the house immediately the deal is closed. Most home sellers value such a gesture because it gives them ample time to move out into another house stress free. Besides that, you can agree to buy the home without insisting on any renovations. Such an offer is likely to be received with open arms because home repairs will definitely cause the profits of the home seller to reduce.

3. Be Ready to Compromise

When you want to buy a prime property, you have to act fast. This means that you have to overlook some of your needs or risk losing the deal to other potential buyers. Even if a house doesn’t have the features that you are looking for, it’s recommended that you take it just the way it is and make arrangements to remodel it later. For instance, if the bathrooms are old and the garden is in bad shape, you should downplay those issues because you can always budget for them once you have closed the deal.

4. Pay Extra Money as Down Payment

When pursuing a home that has many willing buyers, you have to go the extra mile to increase your chances of owning the property. As part of being aggressive, you should consider a little more for the down payment. For instance, if the houses for sale in Dayton Ohio have a down payment of 18 percent of the full cost, you should pump up the figure to 25 percent. This will make the seller to give you the first priority because your offer means he will get more money as first installment. And since paying more than the minimum down payment is costly, you should put your finances together.