Front Door Loving

“Knock, Knock” “Who’s there?” YOUR BUYERS!

front_doorDoes the front of your house look as polished and fresh as the inside does? Many people spend so much time making sure the inside of their home looks amazing when selling up, that they end up forgetting about the outside of the property. Forgetting about this factor when selling your home could have a negative impact on the sale of it. First impressions count and if your buyers are walking up an unloved front garden with a shabby old front door then they may think twice about buying your property. But Fear not! The Personal Property Shop are here to save you!

Buyers have the eye of an eagle when looking around a property, they will notice almost everything. That little bit of rust on your front doors handle? The scuffed up floor mat that’s full of mud? The scratches on the door where your pet has tried to get in? The small area of paint that has chipped? They have seen it all. But what is there to do when your budget won’t stretch to buying a new front door?

Give it a fresh lick of paint – Choose the colour wisely! Search around on Pinterest and interior design websites to get inspiration and find a colour that fits your home. If you want to play it safe whilst keeping your house looking sophisticated go for a darker colour like dark blue or black. Steer away from bright bold colours that may make your house look like it’s from an unknown candy land. Lime greens, duck egg blues and calm lilacs can work really well on some properties and are easy to cover if you don’t end up liking it. You don’t want to make your door look like an odd piece.

Buy a new mat – For the time being you may only bring the mat out during your viewings so that it doesn’t end up getting ruined – if this is the case then you won’t want to fork out on buying yourself a hugely expensive new mat. You can find cheap mats from almost any homeware store, living in Bishops Stortford we have loads! Homebase, the Range, B&M, Dunelm etc. Having a mat on either side of your front door will make your home feel more inviting and will actually help keep your house that little bit tidier!

Give it a clean – Why not give your windows a good old wash and polish the door knob. Using vinegar and newspaper to clean your windows will be cheap and will reduce smearing when cleaning your windows. But it is a little smelly so you may want to add fragrance or spray some Febreeze afterwards. If you have a front lawn then make sure that you give it a quick mow to keep it tidy. Overgrown bushes and wild weeds? Give them a nice chop and pull them weeds out! Possibly invest in some weed killer to keep them away.

Accessories – Get a couple of well-maintained plant’s in nice pots to put out the front of your house when you have a viewing, this will give your buyers something nice to look at whilst they wait and will show that you have made an effort. Possibly get a new door knob and letter box, if the old ones are looking a bit worse for wear – make sure they complement each other or match. If your house number has lost its colour or is half hanging off your wall, get a new one.

Whilst this may seem a lot of effort just for your front door, it can make all the difference when selling your home. If you make the effort then your buyers will see this and have a more positive outlook on your property. Even just a couple of hours spent making the front of your home look inviting could make the difference and your hard work will certainly have paid off when you sell your home.

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