How to Make Your Front Garden Look More Impressive

Most people put more effort into their back garden, despite the front garden forming the first impression for visitors.

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This can be surprising: the front garden is the first thing visitors will see when you are hosting an event or attempting to sell your house. The front garden should offer a stunning first impression and reflect the rest of the home. Read on to find out how to make your front garden look more impressive.

Lawn care and gardening

One of the first things you can do to make your front garden more impressive is to improve your lawn care and gardening. The grass will be one of the first things visitors notice. You should keep it looking healthy and green. Achieve this by regularly removing weeds and feeding your lawn. The same goes for the rest of the garden. Ensure that you carry out consistent maintenance by trimming the edges of your lawn, weeding flower beds and watering your plants. Similarly, you can add new plants into your front garden to expand the use of colour at the front of your home. Using planters and flowerbeds can create more space for plant life and make your garden look more homely and inviting.

Add a porch

A porch can be an excellent addition to your front garden. If designed creatively, they can add some elegant style to your front garden while also offering shelter from the weather to your front entrance. You can build your own porch by using weatherproof roofing sheets along with some wooden beams – just ensure that you have a design in mind when you begin building.

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Patio and slabs

A patio and slab pathway can add some class to your front garden as visitors walk to your front door. However, if the patio isn’t maintained, it can look grimy and uncared for. Instead, it would help if you cleaned it consistently by using a pressure washer to remove any dirt or moss. Weeds can often grow between the grouting of patio slabs. Using weed killer can be an effective way to keep weeds at bay. You might only need to carry out these processes once a year, and the results are usually well worth the effort.


By carefully adding plants to your front garden, you can make it look more vibrant and homely. This can be as simple as attaching some hanging baskets onto your porch. Hanging baskets can be especially exciting as you pick the selection of flowers to include in your design. Alternatively, you could line your borders with shrubs and bushes to provide some density. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could showcase a flowerbed by picking and planting a wide variety of colourful flowers and plants. Just ensure that you water your plants regularly and feed them when the time comes!

Making your front garden more impressive can boost the look of your whole house. Whether you add new plants, clean your patio, remove weeds or even build a porch, you will quickly see the benefits and improved look that caring for your front garden can bring.