6 Fun Things To Add To Your Kitchen

Kitchens are an important space for everyone – so why not make the environment fun and interesting? Here are 6 fun features that will spice up your kitchen.

1) Jazz up the table

The days are gone of plain, neutral-toned kitchens. Why not add a splash of colour to make the room pop? These acrylic sheets can be cut to size and come in a range of colours. Not only this, but they are safer than glass, are easily cleaned, durable, and easy to handle. With such a wide range to chose from, you will be sure to find the perfect fit to your new, fun kitchen.

2) Skylights

Skylights are a great way of letting in natural light without feeling too exposed to the outside world while you cook your 5* (?) meal. Although more of an investment, you will certainly feel the benefits of a well-lit kitchen… especially during summer time.

3) Splashbacks – say goodbye to the classic tiles

A splashback doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun’ when it first comes to mind. But why shouldn’t it? A coloured splashback is just the thing your kitchen needs to come to life. These splashbacks are cut to size and easily cleaned, meaning the days of dis-coloured and spoiled splashback tiles are long gone.

4) LED Lighting

Of course natural lighting is great, but what do you do in the winter months when it is dark by dinnertime? LED lighting comes in a variety of colours and can be controlled with the click of a remote. It also is a great touch to social gatherings and will certainly draw attention to your super-cool kitchen.

5) Built-in Speakers

There is nothing better than your favourite tunes blasting and it certainly does make cooking meals far more enjoyable. If you are having a re-furb, then speakers can be installed in to the ceiling for a remarkable listening experience. However, buying a speaker that matches your kitchens colour scheme is also a simple, yet effective touch.

6) Artwork

Do you have a favourite artist, or liked the look of the poster you saw in that café the other week? Adding artwork to your kitchen creates a personal touch and will keep you feeling at home. With so many prints to choose from nowadays, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for you.