Everything a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom Needs

Bathrooms can be a bit tricky to design and decorate, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. They need to be comfortable, relaxing, beautiful and most of all, functional. However, designing a practical and stylish bathroom isn’t mission impossible. There are many handy tips and tricks that can help you with that task. Here are our top picks.

Storage for the win

Since your bathroom should be a space that’s clean, uncluttered and relaxing, you have to have ample storage. Most bathrooms have a vanity with closed storage space that allows you to put away most of your toiletries, makeup and cleaning products. However, this is not the only storage option for you. You can also add an open shelf if you want to display some things and have them at arm’s reach at all times. If you decide on open storage, you’ll want to keep them tidy and not overflowing. For the best effect, display your items according to colour if possible. Another practical and trendy storage option is baskets. Not only can they house your necessities such as towels, toilet paper and cleaning products, but they also look very decorative.

Appropriate lighting

Every space needs good lighting, especially the bathroom where you put on your makeup, do your hair and other delicate activities. When it comes to lighting, you have a variety of great options for your bathroom. However, if you want to avoid shadows, general lighting will not be of much help. The best solution is to have mirror lights coming from right in front of you at your face level, just like those Hollywood vanities you can see in movies. But, you might also need general lighting for showers and other. If you can make it happen, let the natural light into your bathroom too. Natural light, especially direct sunlight, will nicely illuminate your bathroom and give it a warm and relaxing vibe.

Update your fixtures

If you don’t have the budget to redecorate your whole bathroom, changing only a few details can also make your bathroom look more beautiful and practical. For instance, consider replacing your old faucets with new low-flow ones, or switch your shabby cabinet handles and door knobs with some modern and sleek ones. These are relatively inexpensive updates, but they make a nice decorative impact. Also, make sure you take care of all the leaks and drips. They are super unattractive and they waste precious water.

Bathe in style

No space can be called a bathroom without a place to take a bath. No matter if you’re a shower person or a bath person, whatever your choice is, make sure to find appropriate fixtures for your bathroom and take style and size of your bathroom into consideration. However, high-quality baths always look classy and luxe in any bathroom, and offer a first-class bathing experience. You can also hide your bathtub from direct sight with a shower curtain which can be perfect for adding a pop of colour as well as protecting your bathroom from splashes.

Don’t let it stand out too much

Most interior designers recommend tying together all the rooms in your home, your bathroom included, using some elements they will have in common. For instance, feel free to experiment with colours in your bathroom, but make sure you have at least one colour that appears in other places in your home. This accent colour can be introduced in a form of towels, shower curtains, backsplashes or decoration. Also, if your home is designed in a traditional style, don’t make your bathroom too contemporary and vice versa. This will make your bathroom stand out too much and look out-of-place in your home.

Try out these design tips in your bathroom, and you’ll end up with a beautiful and functional space perfectly fit for you and your family. Plus, there will be no stress and you can enjoy your spa-like days.

Author Bio:
Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.