Furniture Trends that will Keep Your Style Fresh for Years to Come

Sitting in your home flicking through pages of the glossy catalogues you will see many beautifully decorated rooms, the perfect combination of furniture to acknowledge the current trends. However, this is often not feasible to repeat in your own home due to the cost of redecorating every year, just to keep up with the latest trends.

The picture perfect homes often lack comfort or practicality as well, what works in a magazine may not work in everyday life. Use the following tips to ensure you create the perfect room for your lifestyle and, one that does not go out of fashion.



When choosing any item of furniture it is essential to choose furniture which serves its purpose as well as looks good. The best looking chair is no good if it is not comfortable to sit in. A book case with very few shelves might make a statement but is not practical and a glass coffee table is always risky. Buy furniture which will be practical, you will then not need to replace it for years.

It is worth noting that second hand or inherited furniture can be a good option when creating your perfect style. However, you should ensure that the furniture is safe, particularly if you have children. Many paints from the mid 20th century contained lead; which is harmful to your health.

Minimalistic approach

The idea that less is more is essential in home design. After choosing practical furniture it is essential not to choose too much furniture. A room can easily look cluttered and be awkward to move around. Consider what pieces you really need and just have those in the room. This concept also applies to the walls. Having wall spaces is not the same as having to hang pictures. Hang just enough pictures to brighten the wall and make sure each picture has a story behind it.

Cushions and Throws

fig 2Cushions and throws are essential accessories that will add color and style to your room. More importantly they are relatively easy to replace or recover if your tastes change. Having bright splashes of color in your cushions and other accessories will allow you to stick to more neutral colors on the walls; whites and shades of grey are always in fashion.

Retro influences

This is one style that has already gone out of fashion and yet, adding a few retro pieces, such as a couch, to your home will add a timeless elegance. Choose an era that you genuinely have a passion for and locate a few pieces of furniture for your room. This retro effect can even continue to the lighting.



Light is an essential part of any home and you should maximize your use of natural light. Choose thin curtains to allow the maximum amount of light in, if they are needed for insulation have two layers of them. In additional use bright lights inside; you can have a dimmer switch to set the mood but you want to be able to see what you are doing the rest of the time!

The Diner

If your kitchen is big enough you can create a diner effect by simply placing a low wall around the table. Add in a few retro effects on the walls and you have a room which is both comfortable and a talking point.


An excellent way to ensure your personal style is stamped upon your home is to use contrasting colors. One feature wall can be painted a pastel color and a contrasting, bright color can be used on the accessories; such as cushions, curtains or even bed covers. The contrast will be striking and will ensure you love your room for years to come. It is also very easy to change if you wish to.

Perhaps the most important aspect to remember when furnishing your home is to pick items that you like and decorate it in your own style. It is, after all, you that will be living there! Go for ideas that resonate with your personal sense of style, and put your imagination to good use. Be bold and think outside the box. Your guests will surely appreciate your innovative ideas in furniture and home design.

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