How Garden Improvements Can Boost the Value of Your Property

At heart, we’re all esthetes. Everyone has their particular brand of eye-candy and this is something people have been capitalizing on since the dawn of trade. When considering selling anything, be it a pair of shoes or a multistory house, sprucing it up is crucial to increase desirability and the asking price. Naturally, the first thing to invest in is a fresh layer of paint for the interior along with several touches here and there. But what about the patch of grass in front and out back? First impressions carry a lot of weight and the first thing most people are going to notice is the house’s exterior.

The look

A pleasing aesthetic is the first thing to watch out for. Greenery that compliments your house’s exterior will make first impressions skyrocket and give you more room to raise the asking price. It is imperative to consider the garden as an extension of the house and, as such, requires to be lit up accordingly. A vast majority of potential buyers will flock after business hours, so proper lighting will make the difference between an instant sale and a consideration. The bulbs and fixtures need not be over the top, they just need to be strategically placed.

The feel

When fixing up the garden, functionality should be of equal concern as aesthetics. There is no point in the garden looking good if mobility is reduced to a crawl and no more than two people can fit in it. Organize points of interest accordingly, a bunched up layout is neither visually pleasing nor especially effective. Make sure to have a paved or at least beaten in path through the garden to provide functionality while preventing damage to the carefully cut grass.

The front yard vs the backyard

The front yard will unavoidably be the first thing buyers will notice when approaching your property. This can be an invaluable opportunity to get that “wow” moment and sway their opinion before they ever enter the house. It doesn’t require anything particular to make the front yard shine, everything can be accomplished by using natural materials – flowers, stones, old wooden boxes etc. It really just comes down to the owner’s imagination and the effort they’re willing to put in. Whatever option is went with, it will certainly be better than leaving it to Mother Nature.

We’ve seen the front yard get described as the opener, well, the backyard is the deal closer. Hidden away behind the majority of your house, it provides a golden opportunity to land a decisive blow when the buyers aren’t expecting it. A well-preserved backyard with a patio for sitting and nice greenery enveloping the edges of the property is definitely the way to go. The area behind the house is supposed to be more private and cozy above all else, giving owners a place to cool off and escape the world’s troubles. If this is achieved, you’ve almost certainly got yourself a sale.

Plants > decoration

There is a reason it’s called a garden. Take special care not to fall into the trap of mixing up the plant to decoration ratio. Although decorations can bring a garden to the next level, without actual plant life for them to embellish they feel out of place and lose their worth. A good rule of thumb is to make the garden visually pleasing without any decorations, then sprinkle some on top when satisfied with the results. A nice large oak with a swing set hanging from a branch will grab more attention than a simple A-frame would.


When everything has been figured it, out all comes down to maintenance. The real challenge isn’t achieving a satisfactory garden – it’s keeping it that way. Unsurprisingly, it takes more than a watering can to keep such an extravagant garden in top condition, you will most likely need a hose reel from a trusted brand like Hoselink. Hose reels provide a limitless supply of water with amazing maneuverability that will at least help cut watering time to a fraction of what it was. This investment can also be used as a great selling point when showing buyers through, making the tools match the sleek feel of the garden.

Keeping it modest

Last but certainly not least, remember that moderation is key. Apart from the occasional extremist out there, everyone likes a sleek and modest approach. After all, it’s supposed to be a garden, not a circus attraction. Focusing on a few key details will provide better results than hoarding an abundance of objects that just do not go with each other. When selecting a certain theme, stick to it and keep costs at reasonable levels to make sure you get a good return on your investment.

To sum up

A garden can and ultimately will sway your buyers opinion on the house and the price it’s going for. With the proper approach that encompasses aesthetics, functionality and moderation, a property’s market value will skyrocket. With the improved market value and steady maintenance, the investment will increase in value as time goes on. With time, all the work done on the garden will have ample time to set in and start giving off that homely feel that will get to the hearts of buyers, and more importantly, their wallets.