Things To Consider When Giving Your Garden A Makeover

Having a really nice and comfortable garden is something that most people really aim for if they have the opportunity.

On top of this, having a nice summer BBQ with the family in a nice setting in your home really ticks a lot of boxes.

Not everyone is privileged to have the space to do much with their garden but there are a few simple things you can do in order to make it a little nicer at very little cost.  Below are some of these recommendations.


Fencing can be really basic, or it can be something a little bit more snazzy but no matter what type of fence you have it needs to the do the job of giving clear boundaries and a little bit of privacy. The fence replacement cost is not expensive at all and something that can be completed really easily either on your own or with a little help from a friend.

You can purchase replacement fencing at a local DIY or Garden store or get it online and delivered to your home. If you are looking for an even cheaper option, you may wish to do this yourself by simply getting a hold of some wooden pallets and the then creating a fence yourself.

If you are installing this yourself then just be sure to take the correct precautions such as wearing gloves if your fencing is made of wood to minimise the risk of you getting splints in your skin – doesn’t sound important however getting one of these in your skin can be really painful.

In terms of making the fencing then looking nice – you can either choose to paint it or even cut the fencing to a shape in order to give it a more homely feel.

Garden Maintenance

A lot of people actually enjoy fixing up their garden and making it pretty, but a lot of others see this a laborious task.

If you are the latter then you are at risk of not doing the garden maintenance as often as you should and when you do, maybe not do as much as a quality job as you should. You can hire a gardener using a website like which allows you to compare quotes from different gardeners for free.

This could be for local gardeners to come and do some basic tasks such as cut the grass, or it may be for more advanced gardening such as planting flowers etc.

If considering a change to your garden layout and design then you should employ a professional to come and quote you for this.


If your garden is large enough then you may wish to consider laying down some decking at certain spaces.

A lot of people have decking that is placed immediately from their back door followed by some grass.

This decking could then hold the BBQ and maybe even a table and chairs. Laying decking does not have to be an expensive option however you definitely do not want to take shortcuts if doing this as it is important to do a good quality job.

If you are thinking of selling your home at any point, having decking of a good quality is a major plus and something that would add some value to it. Once the decking is placed down be sure to make sure that this is treated properly. If you live in an area that suffers from rain and the decking is not treated correctly it could affect the durability of it.

Garden Fountain

Inserting a garden fountain into your back garden may seem like a ridiculous and difficult activity however it really isn’t. If you have a water supply in your back garden, then this can be done pretty easily with the right level of pipes.

When you go to people’s homes and they have a garden fountain (maybe with some lights on it) it really does give it the “Wow” factor and it can be impressive.

And it even can be more impressive with cantilever patio umbrella that will add a luxurious note to your garden.

If you don’t have water supply to the garden, then get the experts in to help you.

Garden flowersFlowers

If your garden has absolutely no flowers in it then planting some could be an easy way to give it a makeover. Flowers are not expensive at all, however, they require you to upkeep them.  If you ignore flowers then the likelihood is that they will die and make your garden look even worse.

Most flowers don’t need a lot of attention and there are clear instructions when you purchase them as to how to maintain. You may even look to go for the vegetable planting option and grow some potatoes or similar.

Again, not expensive to do at all and allows you to have food in your own back garden instantly!