The trend in choosing a garden room for a home office?

The trend and popularity of working from home continue to rise in the face of Covid infection and with it, the rise for a separate working environment from the hecticness of a lockdown and don’t even mention homeschooling!

For those with outdoor space and a budget, a home office is increasingly becoming an idea that many are considering.

Here look at some of the reasons why creating your own office space in the garden is looking an increasingly good idea in today’s work environment.

garden office

More space

Rather than trying to take a specific space and locking oneself away in an indoor room a garden room will give your house more space, often at a premium in most UK houses.  Not only with your home offer more flexible work options this extra room will also be reflected in a new increased market value, especially if your house also offers good transportation links.


Garden office/ escape room/ Home Gym/ Mancave. New space in the garden isn’t often not solely reserved for one use. Clever design and or use of partition walls can create an area for many different purposes.

A bit of time thinking what one would use extra space for, and a bit of space can create some wonderful spaces combining hobby rooms, work environment or simply a quiet space to enjoy your sports undisturbed, often closer to nature can be a wonderful utilisation of outdoor space.

garden room

Easy to build

Most Garden rooms do not require planning permission so are straightforward to build. In fact, in your garden office is under 2.5m high there are hardly any current restrictions. This means that from idea to conception you could be in your new office in a matter of weeks!

But always take advice from local planning experts before commencing your build but mainly there are limited restrictions on what is known as permitted developments.

Garden rooms cause little disturbance

Building an extension will require planning permission, structural and architecturally drawing and an often long and costly applications and revision process, which when a drawn-out process can suck the fun out of most projects.

Plus, when undertaking an extension unless you move out it causes huge disruption to any household. Knocking down walls if dirty and noise work, often exposing your house to the elements and at best an extension means you will have builders in and out of your house for weeks and weeks at a time.

Whereas building a garden room requires little or no disturbance. Work is carried out … in your garden, with minimal groundworks, small or no planning process and some garden rooms can be prefabricated and assembled in … days compared to an extension that could take months.

working from home

Garden rooms are cheaper than extensions

Quite often building from scratch will manage costs rather than amending an existing building, therefore garden rooms tend to be more affordable than creating an extension with garden rooms generally being around 25% cheaper than undertaking an extension project.


There are so many reasons to build a garden office in today’s climate, but if you are looking for a dedicated area to produce effectively working from home in modern surroundings, then building an office room is a fairly straight forward and affordable proposition.

Once that is a more affordable, less disruptive and easier option than building an extension and one that often turns out to be a quick and enjoyable process!