A Look at German Electric Radiators

An ever-popular question, which is often on people’s lips when they delve into the ever-evolving world of electric heating is, “are German electric radiators any good?”

electric radiators

Well, as we all know… German manufacturing has a worldwide reputation for high quality and reliability. We only need to take a look at their infamous car industry to fully appreciate how extremely popular German manufactured products really are, and their smart home heating systems really are no different.

Guaranteed reliability

For anyone looking for a genuine fit-and-forget electric radiator solution, the “Aeroflow” range from leading UK supplier “Electrorad”, offers reliability guaranteed thanks to a market leading 30-year warranty. The manufacturer has recently been awarded a gold medal for design and innovation. Recent tests have confirmed that the product is manufactured to the very latest European safety standards and bears the all-important CE mark.

The Aeroflow range is also packed with important energy-saving features such as, “open window sensing”. This ensures no energy is wasted when a window is opened by stopping the radiator from heating up. They also have the extremely clever “adaptive start function”, which learns how long it takes to heat a room and always turns on at the right time.

WiFi controllable

Fully controllable via the latest WiFi app, you can set your temperatures and heat up times on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. The smart App can even tell you the current ambient temperature of each room in your property.

Best Smart Home Hubs

The smart app is available for both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Recent improvements now allow these radiators to use voice commands, thanks to their compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa devices, which makes controlling your home electric heating system even easier than ever.

Variety of sizes

Comprising of a variety of sizes, German electric radiators like “Aeroflow” boast impressive heat efficiencies thanks to its integral fireclay heat plates that help distribute radiant heat. This means no fluids and no pipes, as well as no maintenance and easy installation. In addition, all models also provide a mix of radiant and convected heat; meaning warm people and warm rooms.

Available in a range of heat outputs up to an impressive 2.5kw, Aeroflow radiators are modern in design and provide the perfect complement to any room. If you’re looking to warm up your beautiful conservatory in the colder months, they offer an ideal add-on to conservatories where Part L dictates that conservatory heating should be isolated from the main home heating system. With models available in 325mm height, they are ideal for installing on low level walls or under low sills.

In summary

When it comes to choosing an electric radiator, the Aeroflow range is a sure-fire bet, manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering standards and brings a high degree of comfort and heat efficiency for the homeowner. These models provide the ideal alternative to night storage heaters and surpass all other competitor equivalents in terms of price and warranty. It really is a win win!