Give your garden the gift of light

Close-up view of little lanterns in a flower garden

Once viewed as a crime deterrent, outdoor and garden lights have evolved to become aesthetic must-haves for many homeowners.

When artificial lighting was becoming accepted as a good way of keeping gardens lit long into the night, the familiar security and floodlights that remain on many walls of homes reigned supreme.

Close-up view of little lanterns in a flower garden
Close-up view of little lanterns in a flower garden

But the options are now wider. Here, we look at a a range of outdoor lighting choices for homeowners who want to make the most of their gardens.

Lamp posts and lamp post heads

When you think of the Victorian era, and in particular outdoor lighting, your mind may instantly associate it with class. The traditional street lights of the time cut real figures of beauty and not all has been lost in translation.

By implementing one, or even a few of the modern day replicas can give your garden a timeless look and feel as well as renewed efficiencies over the energy sapping lamp posts of old.

Bollard lights

Although bollards are typically used to stop vehicles from entering certain areas, they have been reimagined to provide a perfect blend of incredible lighting and trendy aesthetics in just about any garden.

The bollard shape is retained but wonderful tweaks have been made to allow for a large number of materials, finishes, sizes and lamps to be taken advantage of. There is a wide range of options to choose from that can give your garden a new lease of life.

Wall lights

Perhaps the most recognised items of outdoor lighting are wall lights. As the name suggests, they are attached to a wall, shining bright from above.

As previously mentioned, these may have mainly consisted of floodlights in the past but we are fortunate to have been blessed with some of the best creative minds to have ever lived. There are literally hundreds and thousands of designs, styles and set ups to guarantee a solution for every back, front and side garden.

Ground lights

Arguably the most innovative of exterior illumination advancements are ground lights. These almost sneaky lamps are installed into the ground and as such, take up no room in the garden leaving it with exactly the same space as there was before.

These small spot light type options are ideal for lighting up dark areas where space is an issue including driveways, patios and corners. Many of them make use of LED lamps too, meaning you can save money at the same time as supplying aesthetically incredible illumination.

Deck lights

If you have decking in your garden but able to enjoy it when the sun goes down, deck lights can transform the whole aura of arrangements.

They work in pretty much the same way as ground lights by being installed within the area rather than on it. These ambience boosting lamps will let you have fun on your decking for as long as you want – provided you can stand the weather of course.

Finding the perfect fit

Of course it isn’t as easy as simply picking a nice light up and installing it. Although all of these options can undoubtedly boost the appeal and atmosphere of your garden, you may find that only certain fixtures and appliances work for your specific space.

With the right choices, which can be made with the help and advice of an outdoor lighting specialist, your garden will undoubtedly benefit from artificial illumination.

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