Give your home a touch of glass

Glass is not just for windows. Interior designers have been using glass to add elegance to domestic rooms for a number of years.

modern entrance with staircase and wood floor

Its versatility and ability to bring light into a domestic property make glass the perfect material for all kinds of design projects and means it can be incorporated in almost every room.

If you’re thinking about making renovations to your home, why not introduce a touch of glass? Here are five ways to use glass in your home’s design.


Installing glass skylights, or even an entire roof, will flood your home with natural light, creating the illusion of wider, more open spaces.

These designs are no longer reserved solely for use in conservatories and can make pretty much any room feel like a sunlit paradise. Installing these features in a pokey study or rear bedroom can give them a whole new lease of life.


While granite and wood remains a popular choice for kitchen worktops, glass is an attractive, hardwearing alternative. The adaptability of glass means it can be moulded into many designs, from textured, opaque worktops to sleek, transparent finishes. Glass surfaces are also much easier to clean, making your kitchen all the more hygienic.


Stairways can often be cramped and dull, due to fading designs and a lack of natural light. But replacing wooden banisters with space-opening glass balustrades can breathe life back into the area. Glass makes the transition between upper and lower floors seem more fluid and when combined with steel or concrete can provide an ultra-modern feel.

Floors and walls

Installing a glass floor upstairs will completely change the aesthetic of your home. However, if you’re unable to make wholesale changes, then knocking through walls and replacing them with glass panels can turn two under-lit rooms into a visually stunning centrepiece. The fluidity of glass means these walls can be tailored to the exact contours of your home, making them appear seamless.

Shower spaces

The bathroom is already an area we associate with glass, since mirrors feature so prominently in them. But this isn’t where the glass revolution should end. Shower units often take up needless space, making the room look much smaller than it really is. By installing glass shower spaces you eliminate this problem because their transparency allows light to pass through the whole area. A light coloured marble or tiling will strengthen this effect, creating a less invasive atmosphere.

Andy Rutter is the owner of Steel and Glass Balustrades, the UK’s leading supplier and fitter of domestic and commercial balustrades.