The Time is Now: Reasons to Go Solar in 2018

If you’ve been thinking about going solar for some time now, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing! There’s no time like now, especially with all the solar panel advancements and economic benefits solar power brings. It really amounts to a great home upgrade that cuts energy costs, reduces the carbon footprint of your home and boosts your property’s value. So, no matter what your primary motivation is, money or eco-friendliness, investing in solar power is never a wrong move! Here are just some of the top reasons for you to go solar in 2018!

Minimize your energy bill

There are three little words all homeowners, business owners and nonprofit organizations want to here: Low energy bills! Electricity bills can make a huge hole in your wallet, so lowering them should really do a lot for your budget. Luckily, solar panels can help you produce free energy for your home or business and save you a lot of money. And even if you don’t manage to produce the whole 100% of consumed energy, you’ll still manage to lower your energy bills!

Protect yourself from rising energy costs

Energy prices are constantly rising and there are no signs that they will stop rising any times soon. On average, the prices of electricity have gone up 3% every year in the past ten years! However, solar panels allow you to get electricity for fixed rates and stay protected from all those unpredictable price surges. This is especially beneficial for those homeowners and business owners who don’t have a fixed cash flow. If you get an affordable 5kW solar system for your home, you’ll generate a steady afflux of energy throughout the year. This really helps with budget management because your electricity price will always be the same!

Pocket great returns

Many people see solar panels as an expense, but really, they are a great investment that can bring you even greatest returns. It’s much safer to invest in solar power than in more traditional stocks and bonds! For instance, an average homeowner in the States can pay off their solar power system in 10 years tops!

Reap benefits

Solar power isn’t a good investment for homeowners only. Today, many businesses and corporations choose to promote social responsibility and decide to include eco-friendliness in their business culture and values. In turn, this attracts environmentally-conscious consumers who will recognize the effort and choose to become their clients. Going “green” is a powerful way to affect consumers and their purchasing habits which will show great results for the business and the community.

Increase your property’s value

Today, homes that are equipped with solar panels and various other green technology achieve a better price on the market and sell more quickly. This is visible today, but it will become even more obvious in the future as environmentally-conscious Millennials start to become homeowners. So, if you’re selling your property now or planning to sell in the future, make sure to go solar.

Help the environment

If economic benefits don’t really concern you, you might be interested in all the environmental benefits that come with solar. Solar power systems can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution and help conserve resources that are getting scarcer and scarcer. Solar panels will supply your home or business with clean, renewable energy that will allow the environment to recover and flourish once again!

No more power outages

If you invest in a solar panel system and connect it with a good battery, you’ll manage to collect energy and save it for annoying power outages caused by weather or your power supplier. This means you’ll never stay in the dark again, even when everyone else around you will!

Help your country become more energy independent

Here’s one fact to think about: We will certainly run out of oil, coal and natural gas somewhere in the future. So, if your country still depends on import of these resources, it will put it in a very unpleasant situation where its economy will suffer, and even crash. However, the sun is almost a limitless and infinite source of energy that can protect your country from fluctuations in global energy prices.

Create jobs

Solar and green industry are the fastest growing modern industries, and they will only continue to grow in the upcoming years. Solar-related jobs pay very well (much higher than an average job), so they are a big contributor to a country’s economy. Also, as the demand for solar power continues to grow, so will the job demand!

More and more homeowners, business owners, nonprofits and countries around the world go through great efforts to distance themselves from fossil fuels and start relying on clean energy. Solar power doesn’t only benefit individuals who choose to invest, but also the whole planet. It makes our aching planet a cleaner, healthier and happier place for people of today and the generations that will inherit it!