Eco Friendly Home Storage Solutions

It is only natural that a well-functioning home has ample storage space. You do not have to be a hoarder in order to appreciate the convenient sets of well-designed cabinets and drawers that seamlessly blend with the overall appeal of the rooms. The same fact stands if you are a proud owner of an eco-friendly home, and you are looking to alter your lifestyle to be environmentally sensible. With that in mind, here are green home sustainable storage solutions.

Recycled materials are an option

The most sensible (and logical) place to start off your search for sustainable storage solutions is to begin by inspecting building materials and the way you can get them without wasting precious energy. Now, there are several ways you can go about this. For one, you can go to a retailer that deals exclusively in furniture which is made from recycled materials and purchase the storage units that you need. The second option is to simply purchase the necessary recycled materials and hire professionals who will assemble the furniture according to your own specifications.

Don’t let it go to waste

In addition, you can easily buy off whole storage furniture elements which were either discarded or sold for a measly price at the local flea market. Flea markets are a paradise for people looking for half-priced goods, but also for a community of eco-friendly renovators looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Your choice completely depends on your vision – every fixer-upper can be spruced up a bit and serve as a completely fresh element in the intricate mosaic of your living room or bedroom. You didn’t let an armoire or a cabinet go to waste and you have possibly saved a tree from being cut down.

Keep your storage flexible and modular

Now, if your house is stacked with stuff and you want to keep matters sustainable and sensible, you have to think outside the box. Maybe you can spare a part of your cellar or your garage and turn it into a zone with a reasonable setup of flexible storage solutions and stacks. Modular panels that can be easily rearranged are actually a good investment for your household. It may also be a smart idea to keep the most of your storage units in a place that is easy to air, and make sure that it also doesn’t get too damp during certain months.

Brand new storage furniture built with sustainable materials

Not all sustainable materials are recycled. Some of them might be brand new, but they are still considered eco friendly, because the production of the materials and the way they are applied does not necessarily affect the planet. There’s an entire creative aspect of green building that has become quite interesting and exciting exactly because it pays attention to such materials. For example, cork is a renowned sustainable material that is not particularly durable, but it is well known for being a good insulator.

Green Home Sustainable Storage Solutions

Unfortunately, even when this material is encased, storage solutions made with cork are simply not robust enough. In this regard, you best answer is bamboo-made storage units, which are considered sustainable because bamboo is fairly easy to cultivate in greater quantities. Did you know that it grows up to three feet in 24 hours or so?

Finding reasonable and (importantly) inexpensive sustainable storage solutions is not exactly rocket science. We live in a time when choices are many and styles are diverse. The only part that requires some effort is choosing something that will mesh perfectly with what you envision as suitable holistic interior design of your green home. Supporting smart, eco-friendly thinking and owning sensible storage solutions are two perfectly compatible concepts.