Guide to using your Conservatory in Autumn

The best thing about Conservatories is that they provide a versatile space to use all-year-round. Most of us have a favourite time of the year for using the conservatory. For many of us, when Autumn arrives, it brings a whole new excitement about making the most of the conservatory. With the right heating and lighting, you can turn your conservatory into a luxurious Autumn retreat. It can be the perfect place to relax and unwind in the colder months. By bringing the snug essence of Autumn inside your conservatory, you’ll fall in love with your conservatory even more. Whether you use the space for dining or relaxing with family, there are many ways you can blend Autumn in with your conservatory appearance.

If you want to get better use out of your conservatory this Autumn, here are some ideas on what you can do with your space.


Additional Lighting

Bringing a touch of new light to your conservatory will help create a warmer ambience. This is a simple way to enjoy your conservatory even more in the colder months. Especially as the days become shorter and the darker evenings draw in. There are plenty of affordable lighting ideas you can invest in, from table lamps, lava lamps, floor lamps, fairy lights to candles. All of which offer low level lighting that can really transform your space as the day closes in. If you don’t like too many lights glaring, a dimmer switch is a great idea for creating that cosy feel. This is also a lovely way to compliment your conservatory’s appearance.

Guide to using your Conservatory in Autumn










Cosy Throws & Cushions

There is no better way to enjoy your conservatory than snuggling on the sofa with a soft feel throw. As the colder evenings draw in, it is time to dig out those fluffy cushions and cosy blankets! The best thing about soft furnishings is that they are affordable but stylish way to quickly change up the feel of your conservatory. If you want to be even more creative, why not try out cushions and throws with autumnal shades like mustard yellow and burnt orange, forest green or burgundy. This will bring a much warmer and homely atmosphere to your room.

Guide to using your Conservatory in Autumn










Underfloor Heating & Radiators

Most of us abandon our conservatories in winter because they feel dark and cold. If you want to start making the most of your conservatory all-year-round, it’s time to think about the best cost-effective heating solutions for your space. Electric radiators are great for the conservatory because they provide a quick, easy and hassle-free heating source for your domestic convenience. You can simply plug it in and let it heat up, without the need to extend existing pipework. They are an affordable heating alternative, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. If you have a bigger budget and plan to use your conservatory regularly, underfloor heating will keep your space even warmer this autumn. Installing underfloor heating is a good choice as it eliminates the need for a bulky radiator. It provides you with instant warmth and temperature control, while taking off the chill from the cold floor as you walk in the room.


Autumnal Scents

Enjoy the comfort of your conservatory by filling your room with beautiful autumnal scents. We all know that a good fragrance can make your room incredibly relaxing. When it comes to finding the perfect autumn fragrance, ‘Blissful Autumn’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’ Yankee Candles are a must-have for your conservatory. Candles are the perfect idea for creating warmth and adding a seasonal touch within your conservatory. If you’re not a candle lover, oil fragrance diffusers are another way to keep your conservatory smelling glorious! What’s more, they will never run empty like a candle, you can simply buy refills to replace the old ones. So you can turn your retreat into a magical sweet scent-sation.

Guide to using your Conservatory in Autumn

Conservatory or Orangery?

Conservatories and orangeries both offer a practical and comfortable design for the autumn season. Latest trends have seen conservatories and orangeries blending as part of the existing home rather than as a separate living space. As long you inject good heating within your conservatory and orangery, they can serve as a beautiful all-year-round retreat. An orangery design boasts a more natural looking extension compared to a conservatory. Their structure is complete with more brickwork, so they offer more privacy when relaxing inside. If you’re looking to increase space and maximise views of your garden, a conservatory is your best choice. Conservatories can offer almost full transparency, as glass is the main ingredient in the majority of their designs. So you can take in views of the garden you’ve never experienced inside before. Thanks to advanced glazing technology, you can use your conservatory as an all-year-round luxury.


Author – Charlotte Blackmore