Top 5 Hacks When Selling a House in Summer

Summer is a hot season for the property market. Buyers are out in full force, weather conditions allow smooth moving, and the time could be just right to sell your property. However, there are also some specific challenges that sellers face during this season. Most notably, the competition can be quite steep and getting a good price could be difficult. So, you need to take action to make your property stand out and capture the attention of real estate hunters. And do not worry, with smart hacks, you will not have to break the bank or spend an eternity renovating.

Make it clean and tidy

Nothing turns buyers away like dirty, messy, and cluttered homes. One of the most cost-efficient improvements you can carry out is cleaning your home. And I am not talking about the broom-clean environment, but one that is spotless inside and out. Once you see the sparkles, you can move on to do away with any clutter. Store away everything that buyers do not need to see. Decluttering will allow you to showcase all available space and help buyers envision comfortable living. Another benefit is that your house will appear bigger than it actually is.

Landscaping tasks

Outdoor dimension is the essence of your home’s summer appeal. Therefore, do some landscaping to render the yard neat and inviting. Focus on the front yard first and make sure the flower beds are looking healthy and vibrant. For an extra splash of greenery, you can also add drought-tolerant plants that conserve water. Remember that grass grows incredibly fast in the summer, so mow the lawn. Moreover, deal with weeds and overgrown plants, scatter the mulch and trim the bushes. Inspect the trees for dead, hanging limbs. See if there are any vines coming from the ground and attempting to climb your house.

Increase the curb appeal

Along similar lines, enhance the curb appeal by sprucing up the outdoor area. Give your front door a face-lift with a fresh coat of paint. Do the same with the mailbox and put on a new street number. Clean the front entryway, stairs and walks. Assemble a summer-friendly yard, where people can throw barbeque parties and hangouts. To pull it off, give your patio a nice makeover and add extra comfort with quality outdoor furniture. Use high-quality Shade Sails or umbrellas to shield the seating area from scorching sunrays. Try to blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors as much as possible.

Interior transformation

Next, it is time to adjust the interior to the summer season. Get rid of elements like thick drapes and heavy curtains. Heavy and dark design are not the way to go. So, alter your décor and styling to echo the liveliness of the great outdoors. Stick to lighter and brighter elements, such as white tones and organic wood. Let the interior soak in the flood of natural light. See to it that your HVAC system is working like a charm and pick a comfortable temperature. Natural ventilation can also help in keeping the heat and stale air at bay. Nobody wants to be sweaty while walking around inside.

Warm welcome

Finally, greet buyers like you would greet the most distinguished party guests. Make a great first impression by providing refreshments in the form of summer beverages and light snacks. I would definitely consider setting up a cool pitcher and lemonade. You can also fill the sink with ice cubes and honor summer food traditions of your region. In any event, present yourself as a good host and you will maximize your chances of handing over the keys. Namely, these welcoming tricks prompt potential buyers to linger a bit longer and fall in love with your property.

Make your selling prospects sizzling

Depending on the amount of effort you invest, summer can be a seller’s dream come true or a stuff of nightmares. To ensure the first outcome, make your whole home appear like an enticing purchase. Do a thorough house cleaning and banish the clutter. Present a well-manicured lawn, orderly interior, and attractive yard. Control air temperature, give your indoor area a summer revamp and decorate with nice accents. Using the tips above, you should be able to hack your way to sealing a great deal and getting the most bang for your buck.