Home buyers’ biggest turn offs…

When it comes to selling your property, whether it is your first time or your tenth time, first impressions always count. Giving your views the best first impressions is imperative. Experienced Estate Agents in Leicester wanted to share their expertise and identify the top 6 biggest turn-offs for prospective buyers and how to avoid them.


1. Unnecessary clutter

Clutter is not only distracting to a potential buyer, but it could indicate that the property does not have adequate storage – which will equally put off a potential home buyer.
Open House, Leicester Estate Agent experts said: “De-cluttering is a great way to increase your chances of completing a sale, but that doesn’t mean that you have to part with your prized possessions. You can box them up and store them in the loft or garage. If this is not an option, ask family or friends to store them. Failing that, there is always the option of self-storage.”

Creating a clutter-free, minimalistic environment will help potential buyers visualise themselves living in your home. Additionally, too much furniture can make a property seem a lot smaller than it is.


2. Your taste may not be everyone’s cup of tea

No matter how pleasant your home appears, persistent odours such as the smell of pets, cigarettes, or pungent food can be detrimental when it comes to selling your Leicester property.

Leicester letting agency explains: “An unpleasant odour is sure to put off a prospective purchaser or tenant. Whether it’s the whiff of stale food, pets or even something more… ‘human’… make sure that your property is free of unwanted smells. Ask a trusted friend to give your home a ‘smell test’!”

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so we suggest opening your windows to air out your property before a viewing and use a natural air freshener or light a candle to ensure your home doesn’t smell unpleasant.


3. Don’t leave your garden to go wild!

Overgrown and unkempt gardens are a big no-no. Experts at Leicester’s top recommended estate agents says: “The first thing viewers see is the exterior. Ensure your bins are not overflowing and your pathway is weed free. Do whatever you can to make your home feel inviting from the outset. Don’t forget, our viewers have probably already done a drive-by before making an appointment.”


4. Peaceful sounds, peaceful mind

Most people expect their home to be a place of peace, tranquillity and escape. You may not always be able to control your neighbours noise, but there are steps you can take to reduce unwanted noise from your property.

Things like: Upgrading your window glazing or installing sound proof fencing. Alternatively, try to avoid organising viewings at busy times of the day such as rush hour or when traffic will be particularly bad.


5. Light up your house

Natural light is both warming and inviting. Light and open spaces are two of the most important factors to attract a buyer for your home, especially in the colder months of the year. A cold or poorly lit home can be an instant turn-off to potential buyers by making the property appear dingy and dark in places. If this is the case, it gives the impression of a house that is unloved and uncared for.

Resolving this issue can be simple, Leicester estate agents offer a range of home seller services to turn a dark and dingy house into an inviting, sellable property. Natural light is very important as dark rooms are always off-putting. Ensuring the room is well lit, whether that be naturally or with staged lighting is quite simple to do. Make sure the curtains are open and remove those net curtains!

6. Outdated decor

Avoid controversial or quirky interior design in your home as it is not to everyone’s taste. What you think is retro, others may consider dated. Bold colours and patterns can turn-off prospective buyers, as it is important for them to see themselves living there and décor plays a huge part in this.

It may be a good idea to decorate the house in a neutral tone before taking photographs and selling your home.

Replace heavily patterned retro carpets, when purchasers are greeted with such a carpet all they see is decades of dirt and grim – I can guarantee the viewer will want to leave as soon as they’ve stepped through the door.

If you are reading through these tips and have decided you need a little support in getting your property ready for the market, then get in touch today. Open House Estate Agents Leicester have over 35 years’ experience in selling properties online, quick!