Overlooked Home Features That Could Make A Huge Difference To The Value Of Your Property

When you’re getting your home ready to sell, there are many different factors to consider, from the time of year you put it on the market through to the estate agency you work with.

One of the most important factors to consider is the way your home looks. Your décor and the features you offer to potential buyers can have a huge influence on them and could be the deciding factor that leads them either to pass over your property or make an offer.

The appearance of a property can also boost its value. If you make your home look desirable and give potential buyers the chance to see everything they could do with it, then you could add hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds onto its price.

So, if you’re looking to sell your home in 2020, then read on to find some of the unusual ways you can make your property more desirable and raise its value.


Make Sure Your Home Has A Bath

You might think it’s obvious, but a bath can make a big difference to the value of your home. If your home hasn’t got a bath, then consider adding one. Even properties that haven’t got a large bathroom can have a bath, as you could include a shower/ bath combination or a small round tub. Alternatively, you could extend the size of your bathroom to accommodate a bath, so that you can give potential buyers what they want.


Create An Open Plan Layout

Modern living calls for open plan homes, so if your property has a lot of interior walls then consider knocking them through to create larger spaces. You might think that reducing the number of rooms will have a negative effect on your home’s value, but if these rooms are communal spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, then one large space will be worth more than several small ones. Larger communal areas will also make your home look more spacious, so potential buyers can see it in its best light.


Upgrade Your Radiators

It’s easy to think that radiators are just a source of heat and overlook the fact that they’re a key fixture in any room. As such, you could add a lot of value to your home by avoiding traditional radiators, and instead opting for a stylish Reina Radiator. These chic radiators give you all the functions of an ordinary radiator, with the added bonus of looking sleek and stylish. Designer Radiators Direct specialises in helping homeowners to find the perfect Reina Radiators for their property, so check out their website to find out more about this beautiful design and how you can incorporate into your home.


Add A Driveway If Possible

Parking is a key consideration for home buyers, and private off-road parking is a highly desirable amenity. As such, if you have a front garden, or space at the side of your property that you can convert into a driveway, then you should definitely consider doing so. It will add value to your property, as potential buyers will see your home as a convenient option, particularly if other similar homes in your area do not have driveways.


Invest In A Room Conversion

When you think of adding extra space to your home to add value, you probably think of building an extension or adding a conservatory. An easier option is to convert an existing space, like a loft, from a storage facility into a functional room. This will increase the number of rooms in your home and raise its value without using up extra space.


Revamp Your Floors

The floors of your home are under your feet, so it’s easy to forget about them, but potential buyers won’t. Worn carpets, scratched hardwood and peeling laminate floors can all have a negative effect on their perception of your home. As such, you should rejuvenate your floors before you put your home on the market to make it more appealing. Choose neutral colours to appeal to a wide range of buyers and enhance even the most forgotten areas of your home.


Install Smart Technology

In today’s connected world, digital technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives, including our homes. There are now many different solutions that can help you to do everything from unlocking your home to adjust its temperature from your phone. Show your home’s prospective buyers the potential this technology has by adding some elements of it to your property. It only needs to be something small, like a smart thermostat, to show them that your home can become more than just a sanctuary, but also the epitome of efficiency.


Remove Outdated Appliances

As per the above point, prospective buyers want to be able to see the potential in your home and view it as a modern space. As such, if you’ve got any outdated appliances such as old white goods or TVs, then remove or hide them. This will make your home appear more contemporary and sleeker with minimal fuss and effort.


Improve Your Home’s Energy Rating

Energy ratings are provided to home buyers as standard, and with so many consumers increasingly concerned about the environment, it’s important that your property is as energy-efficient as possible. You can use solutions such as double glazing to reduce the amount of energy wastage that your home incurs. Alternatively, if you are more committed to investing in environmentally friendly solutions for your property, then you could install a sustainable energy source such as solar panels or a small wind turbine. Whatever you choose, it will add value to your home and make it more appealing to environmentally conscious buyers.


Never Underestimate The Power Of Kerb Appeal

First impressions are important, particularly when potential buyers are coming to view your home. Kerb appeal can make your home look much more inviting and appealing before potential buyers even enter your property. There are various techniques you can use to improve your home’s kerb appeal and make it more enticing to buyers, so you can get it sold quicker and for a higher price.