Did You Know You Could Finance These Items In Your Home?

Many people are familiar with financing common household items such as cars or home renovations. However, the growing financial market means that a plethora of other home goods, often unexpected ones, can now be financed. By spreading costs over time, homeowners can enjoy luxurious or high-end products without feeling the immediate pinch.

Home finance loan

To get you acquainted, here’s a list of household items you might not have known you could finance:

1. Home Heating Systems

One of the most overlooked yet essential items for your home is the heating system. With advancements in technology, iHeat confirm that modern home heating systems not only offer enhanced efficiency but also eco-friendly options. These systems, however, come with a price tag. To ease this, companies offer financing options to make the investment more manageable over time.

2. Smart Home Installations

The age of technology has given birth to smart homes where almost everything, from lights to locks, can be controlled via a mobile device. Integrating a complete smart home system can be costly initially. Fortunately, numerous companies now provide financing options for homeowners keen to elevate their living experience with these tech marvels.

3. High-End Kitchen Appliances

Gone are the days when the kitchen just served a utilitarian function. Modern homes boast kitchens that are a blend of style, efficiency, and technology. With smart fridges, ovens, and more, these appliances can add up in cost. Instead of settling for less, consider financing options available for these high-end machines, making them accessible without a heavy immediate financial burden.

kitchen with handleless cupboards

4. Luxurious Furniture Pieces

Want that designer sofa or a hand-carved bed frame? Finances shouldn’t be a hindrance. Nowadays, even luxury furniture outlets offer various financing options, allowing homeowners to add a touch of elegance to their spaces. Monthly instalments make it easier to afford those plush pieces you’ve always dreamt of.

5. Art and Decor

A home isn’t complete without those personal touches of art and decor. While some art pieces can be acquired at a bargain, others particularly from renowned artists or limited editions can be pricier. Luckily, art financing is becoming increasingly popular. This option enables art lovers to adorn their homes with exquisite pieces and pay for them over a duration.

6. Green Home Solutions

Eco-friendly solutions like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, or green roofs are not just trends – they’re the future. However, they can be hefty investments upfront. Recognising this, many companies offer financing solutions to promote sustainable living. This way, homeowners can take steps towards a greener home without worrying about immediate financial constraints.

Why Consider Financing?

Apart from the apparent benefit of reducing the immediate financial burden, there are other reasons to consider financing for household items:

  • Flexibility: Finance options typically offer flexibility in repayment. Depending on your financial situation, you can choose longer or shorter tenure, impacting monthly instalments.
  • Credit Score: If managed responsibly, financing can help improve or build a credit score, proving beneficial for future financial endeavours.
  • Promotions: Companies often roll out promotional financing offers with low to zero interest rates. By keeping an eye out, one can snag a great deal.


From home heating systems to luxurious furniture, the list of financable household items is ever-growing. Financing allows homeowners to enjoy the best of what the market offers without being deterred by the price tag. Remember always to read the fine print, understand the terms, and ensure the instalments fit comfortably within your budget. Your dream home might be more attainable than you think!