5 Home Improvements that Add Value to London Property

Home Improvements that Add Value to London PropertyMany homeowners nowadays enjoy improving their living space with various home improvements. While the exact nature of these improvements tends to be varied – one of the main focal points of home improvements in recent years consists of those that ultimately add value to the property itself so that when it is sold you’re able to ‘cash in’ on the improvements you’ve made.

When it comes to home improvements that add value to London properties, there are a few that tend to stand out:

Updating and redesigning the kitchen

Often the kitchen is regarded as one of the main areas that is of interest to buyers, and updating and redesigning yours to be a more modern-looking and attractive space should definitely be high on your list of priorities. It is up to you to decide how extensively you want to update and redesign your kitchen, but its surfaces, cabinets and appliances are a good place to start.

If you’re making large scale changes then you may even want to consider renovating your kitchen, dining and living area completely into one of the more ‘open’ living space styles.

Adding a loft conversion

In recent years, loft conversions have become a very trendy form of home improvement and can add quite a bit to the value of your property by virtue of the fact that they provide extra living space – which is a premium in London. Depending on the structure of your home it may require extensive renovation however, and you can expected it to cost in the tens of thousands easily.

truedorReplacing the front door with a composite front door

Composite doors are known for being solid, sturdy, secure, and energy efficient – all of which are extremely appealing to London buyers. It is one of the easier home improvements to perform as well, and you could opt to install the composite doors yourself if you’re experienced enough to do so.

Adding en-suite bathrooms

While many older properties tend to have common bathrooms, the trend nowadays has definitely moved towards en-suite bathrooms, so adding them to your property is certainly going to increase its value and appeal. The only caveat to this type of home improvement is that it shouldn’t encroach too much into the living space or make any of the rooms overly small in the process.

Building a conservatory

Often the ‘go to’ home improvement of choice for most areas, building a conservatory in a London property can be a bit tricky and depends on the space that is available. If it is possible to construct a conservatory without completely ruining the back garden then the added living space will definitely increase the value of the property as a whole.

As you can see, the right home improvements to London properties can really help make them much more appealing and boost their value considerably. Before you commit to any home improvements however, be sure to research them thoroughly both in terms of how much value you expect them to add as well as the cost of performing them. Only proceed with your home improvements once you’re absolutely certain it will be worthwhile.

Image credit: Pexel.com