Top 6 Home Improvements That Have Great Practical and Aesthetic Value

When it comes to the concept of home improvement, you need to understand that there are two separate categories to focus on. The first one is the resale value, which is the amount of money that you’ll get back if or when you decide to sell the place. The second one is the subjective value that it adds to your lifestyle. We’re talking about improvements that aren’t necessarily known for yielding an amazing return upon resale but those that do make your life easier or your home more visually pleasing. Here are six such improvements that you should focus on.


Going smart

The first improvement that you want to make is going smart with your home. This means automating the majority of its functions, as well as making your home remotely controllable. First, you can invest in the concept of smart lights in order to get the most energy-efficiency out of your lighting system, as well as make it all much more practical. Second, you need to invest in a smart lock, so that you can keep your home more secure and avoid the scenario where you can’t get in because you’ve lost/forgot the key. Finally, a smart heating/cooling system is a most definite must.


Backyard shed

Creating additional structures in your backyard is a costly endeavor, unless, of course, you can make them yourself. Still, if you hire a professional to make it or order a shed online, this might cost you quite a bit. The benefits, however, are quite numerous. First, you get more storage space. Second, you get a major boost to your landscaping and backyard maintenance. Finally, provided that you pick the right shed and let some vines grow against it, you stand to completely transform your home’s exterior.


Cladding and rendering

One of the best ways to make your home more beautiful from the outside is to pay for a cladding and rendering project. The benefits of this method are quite numerous. First of all, you get to transform the entirety of your home with a process that doesn’t require you to vacate the premises. Second, you’re making your home more resistant to moisture, thus making it substantially more resilient. Lastly, this is a permanent solution that you don’t have to repeat over and over again. With some amazing rendering repair experts out there, you can efficiently maintain your home’s exterior instead of having to redo all the work.

Backyard patio

Yet another great addition for your backyard is the idea of building a backyard patio to act as your secondary living room during the summer. Provided that you want to add a couple of appliances to it, you can even turn it into a great outdoor kitchen. These kitchens keep unpleasant odors outdoors and keep your home cooler during the warmer part of the year. Nonetheless, this requires a tad bigger investment (even though it might be worth it). A more frugal option is to merely get some seating, make a wooden deck and install a shade sail in order to make the temperature here more bearable.


Do some attic work

Improving your attic is a great idea for several different reasons. First, it gives you a chance to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. About 30 percent of your home’s heat leaves via a roof and by adequately insulating the attic, you can drastically reduce this figure. Second, an attic can be transformed into a living space, which means that you get an additional bedroom, home office or a studio. Lastly, keep in mind that it can be utilised as a storage space and, with a bit of racking, you can really get the most out of this area.


Minor bathroom renovation

Finally, getting some upgrades for your bathroom is always worth it, mostly due to the fact that it’s that one room within your home that you use every single day. Just think about it, the moment you get up, you’re more likely to head straight to the bathroom. The same goes for moments before you go to bed. What this means is that no money that you spend improving your bathroom could ever be considered as a wasted investment.


In conclusion

The best way to generate a great amount of value from your home is to try and examine its objective characteristics and features, as well as your own expectations. You see, your home is a place of rest and respite, a place where you spend the majority of your days, as well as a place that serves as your base of operations (provided that you work from home, at least partially). This is why you need to understand just how deeply you are affected by the state that this property is in. With these six improvements, this scenario can be drastically improved upon.