Home Security Innovations to Watch Out for in 2018

The home security market has exploded in recent years, both in terms of its popularity and the innovations behind the products, particularly when it comes to smart security systems. In a 2017 survey, 44% of US-based respondents said they already had a smart home security device installed, and a further 12% said they planned to buy one in 2018. Every year, more and more pioneering home security products are released, and 2018 looks like it will be no different. Here is a look at some of the most innovative home security devices and trends that are due to take off this year.

Door entry systems with facial recognition

For flats, offices and gated houses, wireless door entry systems have always been popular. They allow homeowners to visually or audibly identify visitors, and grant them access without having to trapse down to the main front entrance. Smart door entry systems update this technology for the digital age. They offer smartphone controls, motion detection and, in some cases, AI-powered facial recognition.

One smart door entry system launching in 2018 is the Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell, which boasts intelligent facial recognition capability. The ‘intelligent’ aspect refers to the option for homeowners to ‘train’ the system to recognise friends and family and give them unique doorbell chimes when they come to the door.

Security cameras with AI technology

Smart security cameras released in the last few years have enabled users to remotely observe their property using their smartphones. 2018 could see this monitoring technology taken even further, with the highly anticipated AR4X Intelligent Camera touted as a potentially revolutionary product.

As the world’s first robotic camera to use power over Ethernet technology, the AR4X provides facial and object recognition without requiring a remote computer-based tracking system, with both the power and data transmission carried out through the same Ethernet cable. This will greatly reduce the installation time and cost. The device also features embedded multi-core CPUs which use artificial intelligence to quickly identify and distinguish between humans, vehicles and animals.

Amaryllo International, the company behind the camera, say this accuracy of detection will eradicate 99% of false alarms. The AR4X can also automatically track intruders, and will send homeowners immediate alerts if their property is encroached upon. Whilst only at the Kickstarter crowdfunding stage, the product has already won the 2018 CES Best of Innovation Award. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the AR4X.

Wireless smart security lights

Another highly anticipated product scheduled for release this year is the Arlo Security Light. This wireless, outdoor security LED lighting system runs on batteries or a solar panel, meaning buyers aren’t restricted by power sources in where they can place the lights.

The lights can be set to automatically turn on when they detect motion, and the system is hooked up to a mobile app which will send homeowners alerts whenever it senses unauthorised movement. Owners of the Arlo security light will also be able to set designated times for them to come on, and can remotely customize the color and brightness of the light from their phones. They are also able to play around with the sensors so that the lights don’t turn on whenever a pet runs past them.

Smart speakers that give the impression homeowners are in

Thanks to smart technology, even something as simple as speakers may offer a legitimately viable security solution in 2018. When leaving the house, homeowners often leave their lights or TV on in order to give the impression that they are still in. They may never need to do this again with the launch of the Kevin speaker.

The Kevin is a smart speaker that flashes lights and plays a range of different noises to make it seem as if somebody is home. The speaker activates when a homeowner leaves. It then runs through various lights and sounds appropriate for the time of day and its location within the house. For example, it may play shower noises upstairs in the morning and TV sounds downstairs in the evening, as well as louder sounds if used in an urban area and quieter ones in the countryside. Owners can download an app to customize the scenarios that are played out, and the Kevin has weeks worth of content so that the same noises aren’t played on a loop.

2018 already looks like it will be a groundbreaking year for home security devices, with a number of highly anticipated innovations slated for release this year. Make sure you look out for the products mentioned for some great upgrades to your home security system.

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