Garage Doors – A Homeowners Buying Guide

If you have recently moved (or are thinking of moving) into a property with an existing garage door that has seen better days it is advisable to invest in replacement as soon as possible. This is because old doors will offer little in terms of security and may well be in such a state of disrepair that they are actually unsafe to operate.

Here we take a closer look at the options available to you and examine the benefits and drawback of each design.

Within the UK the 4 main types of garage doors that are commonly fitted to residential properties are;

  • Up & Over Garage Doors (Canopy & Retractable)
  • Side Hinged Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Each door type listed above will provide the user with a range of benefits however due to a number of factors such as price, appearance, finishes and space constraints of the building it may mean that not all doors are suitable for all garages. In fact with hundreds of variations available within each design the task of selecting a new garage door for your home can sometimes become very confusing.

Here with the help of we have tried to simplify the process for you.

Up & Over

Perhaps the most popular style within the UK is the one piece “canopy” type up and over garage door as it is cheap, cost effective and available in a choice of materials such as steel, timber and GRP. Manufactured with a choice of lifting gear the door is lifted upwards during operation to sit horizontally in the roof space of the garage. Whilst this may not be a problem for many property owners this upward lifting action also requires the door to swing out at the bottom as it does so. This can often result in access issues if a vehicle is parked on the driveway which can be pretty inconvenient and annoying for the occupant meaning they may not be suitable for all properties.

Side Hinged Doors

In comparison to the aforementioned up and over design which is made in one piece this type of garage door is split into 2. Whenever full access is required each door leaf swings outward onto the driveway therefore requires a lot of room to achieve the fully open position which makes them unsuitable for properties with short driveways or where the garage opens directly onto the street or pavement.

Roller Garage Doors

Over recent years insulated roller garage doors have seen several improvements to their safety and design and as a result of the many benefits now provided to the property owner has led a massive uptake in demand. Benefitting from vertical lift operation, a compact roller mechanism, thermal performance, high levels of security and convenient remote control operation it is obvious why they has become so popular. Available from many leading UK manufacturers such as Seceuroglide, Gliderol and Hormann they are easy to install, require little maintenance and ultimately represent amazing value for money.

Sectional Garage Doors

Fast becoming one of the most specified garage doors on the market the highly secure and thermally efficient sectional door is ideal for pretty much any residential application regardless of space constraints. Constructed from individual panels that interlock together the sectional door design has a space saving vertical lift operation with zero kick out at the bottom removing the problem with parking issues in an instant making them appealing to properties with limited parking space or where the garage opens directly onto a public area.

In addition to this space saving benefit, the double skinned foam filled panels are extremely rigid and secure and also offer excellent levels of thermal insulation helping to regulate the temperature inside the garage making them perfect where the building is to be used as a workshop or where there is a room located above the garage.

To conclude, when considering which garage door is going to be most appropriate for the property several careful considerations will need to be undertaken. In essence the key objective is to find a style that is sympathetic to the existing architectural features of the property whilst providing the enhanced benefits you may also require such as insulation, security, usability and practicality.  For example, if the windows, doors and front gates are timber then a wooden garage door will be the best option. In comparison, if the property is a contemporary design then a more appropriate option will be a smooth panelled sectional door or perhaps an insulated roller garage door. This is because both these options are available in some of the most up to date finishes and as a result can be matched to that of the existing design scheme to create a magnificent statement that will undoubtedly add value and kerb appeal to the home.