Hot Tubs are Making a Comeback in the UK

After being considered unfashionable and outdated in the past, hot tubs have had a popularity surge in the UK once again. It started in 2020, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is continuing now in 2022. You can expect a rise in hot tub sales, merchants, consumers, and everything else surrounding the field.

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The current popularity of hot tubs may not just be a fleeting trend. More people become aware of their benefits, especially in hydrotherapy, so hot tubs may be something that is considered essential in the future.

Now, how exactly are hot tubs making a comeback in the UK, and what should you expect from modern models? Read on to find out.

How Many People Own Hot Tubs in the UK in 2022?

According to the latest statistical reports from BISHTA, a hot tub association in Britain, more than 100,000 people (one in ten households) in the UK have their own hot tubs at home.

This may not seem a lot compared to the UK’s total population, but it’s a significant number considering that we’re talking about a home-related trend.

Why Did Hot Tubs Go Out of Fashion in the UK?

Hot tubs went out of fashion for understandable reasons in the past.

The most evident reason was it being costly. Many households didn’t find it necessary to invest in a hot tub and were unaware of its benefits.

A hot tub can also be hard to install and clean. It needs maintenance to continue functioning without issues. This will seem like a lot of work if you don’t find a reliable hot tub supplier that offers maintenance services.

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Why Are Tubs Are Making a Comeback in the UK?

Hydrotherapy, a water-based healing method, is one of the main reasons hot tubs are making a comeback in the UK. This is popular with athletes and anyone who endures daily physical activities. The warm water that your body will be submerged in can comfort your whole body. It can also be the way to release tension.

Homeowners who want to increase the value of their homes, either for themselves or because they want to sell them in the future, also turn to hot tubs to reach their goal. After all, buying a home with a functional hot tub sounds more appealing than just a regular home.

Where to Get High-Quality Hot Tubs in the UK

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Having a hot tub, no matter if it’s indoor or outdoor, will increase the value of your home. Not to mention, a well-made tub can also aid in healing needs because of hydrotherapy properties.

Considering the rise of hot tubs in the UK, there’s no question in copping one for your own. It’s trendy, yes, but it will also open a lot of benefits for the people that will use it. Just make sure to buy a model from a reputable and legitimate store to get a high-quality tub.